TF1 selects Streamroot delivery technology to power its online video

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
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TF1 Group, the largest European media group, selects Streamroot distributed delivery technology to power its online video offerings

Streamroot, the leading provider of distributed delivery for OTT video, announced today that TF1 Group has chosen Streamroot’s patented technology to deliver its online video content. TF1 is the leading private-sector unencrypted broadcaster in France. It broadcasts five complementary free-to-air channels (TF1, TMC, TFX, TF1 SERIES FILMS and LCI).

Armed with a powerful digital and multi-screen strategy, the group is increasingly innovating in web, mobile and emerging online media formats. With its MYTF1 digital platform already seeing more than 1.3 billion videos viewed in 2017, TF1 sought out state-of-the-art delivery solutions to ensure longterm scalability and profitability.

“We take pride in offering TV-quality streaming to our growing online viewer base,” explains Nicolas Theraroz, CTO at e-TF1. “Scaling to TV-size audiences on a digital platform – while maintaining the same quality standards – requires more than simply adding servers. It calls for a groundbreaking solution.”

To reinforce capacity and promote high quality, TF1 has implemented Streamroot DNA™ distributed network architecture across its digital offerings including catch-up TV, as well as its live and ondemand video services on the MyTF1 Direct and Replay platforms.

“As an innovator in our industry, partnering with Streamroot was a logical choice for TF1,” adds Theraroz. “We’re extremely pleased with the results. Streamroot delivers 80% of our most popular streams and offers the elasticity that we need to scale to hit primetime content and the world’s largest sporting events with ease.”

Streamroot CEO and Co-Founder Pierre-Louis Theron also sees a bright future for this partnership: “We are proud to help TF1 deliver when the stakes are highest, and look forward to powering their online platforms for major events such as this summer’s FIFA World Cup. It is a great honor for Streamroot to be working with the leading free-to-air television group in France, and to contribute to the immersive video experience it provides millions of viewers worldwide.”