R2B2 adds new channel Prima to its Czech HbbTV ad network

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
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R2B2 adds Prima’s newest TV channel to its network

PRAGUE — The Czech ad tech company R2B2, which runs the digital ad network R2B2 Multiscreen, has added the newly launched TV station Prima KRIMI to its portfolio. Now advertisers who buy HbbTV ad space programmatically via the network have a 10th Czech TV channel available to them.

The channels belonging to FTV Prima, including Prima KRIMI, constitute the largest segment of Czech TV stations in the R2B2 programmatic network, both in terms of the number of stations and the number of ad impressions. The switch-in ad formats available on Prima KRIMI are the same as for the other FTV Prima stations: the most popular format, Banners, and Push 2 Play, which combines a banner with a video ad. It is possible to buy ad space for pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll videos in the video archives.

R2B2 also plans to enable the use of content targeting on Prima KRIMI within the next few weeks. “Although the channel has a narrow focus, we still want to offer content targeting. This will open up even greater opportunities for advertisers to reach the right audiences without the need for wasted investments, which is always a welcoming factor,” says František Bauma, product manager at R2B2.

R2B2 is offering programmatic sales of ad space on HbbTV for the second year. A total of 13 TV stations from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are connected to its network. According to the numbers presented by R2B2 at TV CON, programmatic advertising on HbbTV grew year-on-year by more than 200%. Simultaneously, the number of HbbTV viewers also grew, reaching 1.9 million this March according to Daniel Grunt of FTV Prima.