Lattelecom introduces Helio iTV interactive television

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
Lattelecom logo

Lattelecom introduces a new entertainment brand Helio and launches the most advanced interactive television: Helio iTV

Consolidating its activity as a technology and entertainment company, Lattelecom introduces a new brand under the name Helio, which will take under its wing the company’s wide range of entertainment services such as television platforms, series, the film and live show application, TV channels and original content, eSports league, as well as future entertainment services. Lattelecom introduces the most advanced, content rich, easy-to-use interactive television Helio as the first messenger of the brand. Customers will begin to test the new service in late May.

“The development of Helio entertainment service is the next bold step in changing our business strategy. So far, we have taken pride in innovative smart technology solutions. At the start of the year, we introduced ourselves as a technology and entertainment company, and now we are determined to prove ourselves as the leader in the field of entertainment. With the Helio brand, we are launching an entirely new ecosystem with the promise that everyone will be able to find content that sparks their interest as well as find it easy to use,” Juris Gulbis, Chairman of Lattelecom Board, announces.

“Helio marks the introduction of a new life philosophy: entertainment and passion add spice to our lives, and it’s what makes us happier. It doesn’t matter what you do at the end of the work day – whether you practice extreme sports, go dancing, wake up at five AM to enjoy the sunrise or watch Latvian athletes compete in the international arena on live TV. Helio will encourage and invite everyone to find, perfect, and live their passion. “Passion, rising above the mundane day-to-day activities, and strength to overcome the boredom of routine” – these are the principles encoded in the brand name Helio. Each new Helio service will be a reminder of this,” J. Gulbis emphasises.

The name Helio has been created to be clear and comprehensible both in Latvia and internationally, in view of further opportunities of development beyond the borders of Latvia – for instance, the Baltic eSports league created earlier this year has already been launched in Lithuania and Estonia. At the moment, Helio includes a wide range of television services – Interactive TV which will soon give way to Helio iTV, Terrestrial TV, Shortcut; advertisement services, both Lattelecom original channels 360TV and STV Pirmā!, and Baltic eSports league. As new entertainment services are developed and offered to the customers, the range of Helio services will be further expanded.

Helio iTV – the most advanced interactive television

As of late May, Helio interactive TV will gradually replace its predecessor, Lattelecom Interactive TV. Helio iTV will offer a new, more advance TV experience, a more accessible platform with extra features and useful functions. Keeping on track with the current global trends in the development of television, Helio iTV will be available on TV, smartphones, and tablets, and later on computers as well. In addition, the content will be interlinked on all platforms, therefore, if you have started to watch a film on your smartphone, you will be able to resume watching it at home on TV from the exact moment you paused it earlier.

“More and more viewers tend to watch content on mobile devices rather than on TV screen, and they want content that’s been tailored for these devices. The latest entertainment solution – Helio iTV – proves that we are ready to face this huge challenge in the industry. The main Helio iTV screen will still be the television, but now our customers can easily access the same content on multiple devices and even outdoors. In addition, we are working hard to make Helio iTV the most user-friendly, intuitive and extensive television service,” Inga Alika-Stroda, Director of Lattelecom Entertainment and Communication Services, shares.

The service will include the possibility to manage content on small screens, for example, when choosing a film for the evening, the customer will have the opportunity to transfer it to the TV screen with one click, and the opportunities to record shows, set up reminders, bookmark shows, films or series to watch later will be offered as well. Helio iTV will also feature the option to create multiple user profiles, thus making it easier to find tailored content. For example, if a child has watched some animated films via their profile, the parents will not get suggestions to watch them as well.