Czech HbbTV adopts header bidding solution from R2B2

Monday, October 16th, 2017
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Czech HbbTV adopts header bidding. R2B2 announces AYM

PRAGUE — The header bidding method has been used to successfully integrate the programmatic ecosystem into Czech HbbTV. Header bidding is a modern approach to linking demand for programmatic advertising with digital ad placements. For this implementation, the Czech ad-tech company R2B2 developed its own header bidding solution called R2B2 AYM, which has been shortlisted as a finalist for the HbbTV Awards 2017 in Rome.

R2B2 AYM (Automated Yield Management) is an HbbTV compatible solution that links demand for programmatic advertising with addressable TV. The solution includes a reporting portal, a built-in connection with Adform (on the demand side), and also a so-called wrapper, which is software for the implementation of header bidding.

“Header bidding allows us to nimbly and efficiently connect and optimize online programmatic platforms, to adapt to the addressable TV environment, and above all, to evaluate demand in real time,” says Martin Čelikovský, CEO of R2B2.

“We say our wrapper is full managed. It is run from the AYM cloud and has a basic set of formats that are offered in real time for immediate sale on the R2B2 Multiscreen digital advertising network,” he further adds.

AYM is continuously deployed to eight nationwide Czech TV stations through the Hybrid Ads advertising system. Furthermore, it is also used by a large number of major Czech online publishers.

On Thursday, October 12, R2B2 AYM was shortlisted as a finalist for the HbbTV Awards, organized by the HbbTV Association, in the category of Best Use of HbbTV for Advertising and Promotion.