TVision Insights and Data Plus Math tie TV attention data to outcomes

Monday, March 26th, 2018
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TVision Insights Partners with Data Plus Math to Tie TV Attention Data to Outcomes

  • The partnership empowers TVision and Data Plus Math clients to understand how attention leads to sales
  • This fusion of attention and attribution data is a game changer for the TV industry

BOSTON — Today, TVision Insights, the leader in measuring eyes-on-screen attentionTM to every second of programming and advertising on television, announced a partnership with Data Plus Math, the leader in cross-screen TV attribution. The two companies are marrying attention and outcome data for clients in order to understand where target audiences are paying attention, and how targeting plus attention leads to sales. TVision’s ability to report commercial-level impact at a person-level enhances attribution accuracy and answers why campaigns are succeeding in-market.

“As brands calculate their return on advertising spend they need to match real exposures to outcomes. This is what makes the TVision + Data Plus Math partnership so powerful. With TVision’s attention data integrated into Data Plus Math’s attribution platform, marketers can see the causal relationship between ad engagement to sales,” said Dan Schiffman, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of TVision Insights. “We’ve performed multiple studies that prove the link between audience attention and outcomes such as tune-in and store visits. This partnership with Data Plus Math ties attention to outcomes while campaigns are in-flight. For products with longer sales cycles, such as automobiles, attention can be used as a leading indicator of campaign performance.”

Data Plus Math looks at the entire customer journey from product awareness to eventual purchase, and measures the conversion power of the various elements of the campaign. The company then uses that data to provide recommendations on optimal frequency for campaign goals, effectiveness by creative, and sales data by customer segment.

“The Data Plus Math platform enables programming networks and marketers to better understand what aspects of their campaigns are driving real world marketing results,” said John Hoctor, CEO and Co-Founder of Data Plus Math. “This partnership with TVision enables us to layer in actual eyes-on-screen attention scores to further enhance our understanding of why certain programs or creatives are driving more conversions than others.”

TVision Insights’ opt-in panel has installed proprietary, privacy-safe hardware and software that allows for passive monitoring of television viewing behavior. The result is person-level measurement data reported second-by-second.

“This fusion of attention and attribution data is a game changer for the TV industry,” said Tim Hanlon, Founder and CEO at The Vertere Group. “While other players are ascertaining whether an ad ran, or using signals like channel changes to approximate attention, TVision Insights is measuring actual eyes-on-screen attention. Fusing attention into the leading attribution platform will help brands, their agencies, and TV networks understand what really impacts the bottom line.”