Sony Crackle selects Nielsen for addressable advertising

Thursday, June 14th, 2018
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Sony Crackle Selects Nielsen to Power Its Addressable Advertising Capabilities Across Devices

NEW YORK — Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) today announced that Sony Crackle, a division of Sony Pictures Television Inc., has selected Nielsen Marketing Cloud to power its addressable advertising capabilities across all devices and platforms including mobile devices, connected TVs, streaming boxes and gaming consoles. Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s unique audience data, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered segmentation and real-time integrations with most major video ad serving platforms will help Sony Crackle deliver more relevant advertising no matter where its content is being viewed.

Approximately 224 million Americans (74%) live in a household with a connected device*, consuming nearly 8 billion hours of TV content a month**. With this many consumers watching connected TV (CTV) content, advertisers are looking for the same audience-based buying capabilities they experience in digital. With Nielsen Marketing Cloud, advertisers can reach their exact audiences across Sony Crackle’s award-winning TV, movie and original content.

“Nielsen and Sony Crackle are working together to shape the future of TV,” said Rene Santaella, SVP Operations & Business Planning, Sony Pictures Television. “With Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s reliable audience data and cross-screen addressable solutions, we can connect brands with viewers seamlessly wherever our premium ad supported TV content is streamed.”

Santaella added, “We are also very excited to bring connected television to the forefront of the advertising ecosystem and bridge the gap of addressability with highly coveted ‘console-first’ and psychographic streaming segments in the new living room. This is great for improving our clients’ campaign performance and creates entirely new reach opportunities for them.”

Nielsen Marketing Cloud provides Sony Crackle with direct access to a wide spectrum of Nielsen audience data, which can be custom-segmented to meet client needs. Advertisers will now be able to reach specific audiences across Sony Crackle content as well as the Sony Crackle Plus Network that includes Funimation and Sony Pictures Television Mobile Games. With Nielsen AI, Sony Pictures Television will be able to optimize addressable audiences based on real-time changes in consumer behavior on behalf of its clients. This always on, always learning technology will help improve advertising effectiveness across its CTV channels.

“We are thrilled to be leading the charge in next generation television with Sony Crackle. Nielsen Marketing Cloud will help deliver better advertising experiences for its audiences no matter what device they are on,” said Nielsen EVP Damian Garbaccio. “Sony Crackle will be able to more effectively monetize its advertising inventory and acquire new customers by improving the cross-screen advertising experience across its content. It’s great for advertisers, and it’s even better for consumers.”

* Nielsen National Panel (Based on Scaled Installed Counts and Percentage of Universe), Jan 1-31, 2018. Note: connected devices defined as owning an internet enabled smart TV, internet-enabled gaming console or internet-enabled digital streaming device.
** Nielsen National Panel, Jan 1-31, 2018, total time spent using connected devices (smart TV, digital streaming devices, game consoles). Note: Game console time is inclusive of all time on device.