Telkom Indonesia's IndiHome triple play subscribers hit 4 million

Thursday, June 7th, 2018
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IndiHome Subscribers Reached 4 Million, Telkom Optimistic to Attain 5 Million Subscribers At End of the Year

JAKARTA — PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (“Telkom”) continues to strengthen its new engines of growth, one of which is its flagship fixed broadband product, IndiHome. IndiHome recorded a key milestone by reaching 4 million subscribers on June 6th, 2018. With this achievement, Telkom is optimistic to reach around 5 million subscribers at the end of 2018, surpassing its initial target of 4.7 million subscribers.

IndiHome is a triple play service comprising of fiber-based high speed internet, IPTV, and home phone covering more than 160 cities across Indonesia. “Telkom continues to strengthen IndiHome’s coverage and network quality to meet the demand for high quality connectivity which has become a daily necessity among Indonesian societies. We believe availability of high quality connectivity will contribute to Indonesia’s economy growth,” says Siti Choiriana, Telkom’s Director of Consumer Service.

To further accelerate IndiHome service, Telkom continuously enrich its contents equipped with attractive features and improving the aftersales service to provide excellent customer experience for subscribers, one of which by strengthening digital service mode through mylndiHome application. Particularly in sports contents, which broadcasts various world’s major football leagues and Indonesian football league, NBA Channel and Golf Channel, IndiHome will also broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia through a special channel so that subscribers can enjoy all 64 World Cup matches both live or on playback by using IPTV feature. IndiHome also provides various services including TV channels and other contents such as games, karaoke, and speed upgrade service, which subscribers can get by add-ons.

In the first quarter of 2018 performance report, revenue from IndiHome grew by 48.4% YoY with subscriber growth of 97.0% YoY, which put IndiHome as the fastest growing Telkom product. This subscriber growth is also one of the fastest in the world for fixed broadband service. Telkom’s Director of Finance, Harry M. Zen, added, “Telkom always seeks and strengthens new sources of revenue to ensure that the Company can maintain sustainable growth in the long run”.