Sorenson Media launches addressable TV advertising platform for live linear programming

Thursday, July 26th, 2018
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Sorenson Media Launches Addressable TV Advertising Platform for Live Linear Programming, Partners with AMC Networks

  • Sorenson Addressable is first to give advertisers, networks and broadcasters the tools to harness the full potential of addressable television advertising, regardless of a viewer’s specific TV provider

SALT LAKE CITY — Sorenson Media today announced that it is live with Sorenson Addressable, a targeted advertising platform for television. Sorenson Media also announced its partnership with AMC Networks, making the company the first to use the new platform’s real-time ad replacement technology. Through its dedicated AMCN Agility sales group, AMC Networks will leverage the platform on live linear TV programming across its popular and well-defined national networks: AMC, WE tv, SundanceTV and IFC, with BBC America to come at a later date.

Partnering with smart TV manufacturers, Sorenson Media uses anonymized data to dynamically deliver targeted ads directly to the television screens of individual households regardless of the resident’s choice of cable, satellite or telco TV provider.

With Sorenson Addressable, advertisers can create targets based on specific viewer characteristics. Advertisements are dynamically replaced in real-time with content relevant to household demographics and interests, providing a more engaging experience for the viewer. Further, dynamic ad replacement allows multiple advertisers, within the same linear unit, to deliver ads to specifically defined audiences. The real-time nature of the product’s data collection allows advertisers to use information gleaned from same-day reporting to make more informed decisions on how to reach specific audiences.

“Sorenson Media offers unmatched technology in combining the precision of digital media with the mass reach of television,” said Pat Nola, CEO of Sorenson Media. “In the old world, TV advertisers tried to hit every single TV, but in the world of addressable TV they can focus on hitting the right TVs. We’re thrilled to partner with AMC Networks and provide them with an advanced targeting platform that allows for the networks, advertisers and—most importantly—the viewers to all mutually benefit.”

“We are excited to be Sorenson Media’s first national network partner, bringing a unique addressable offering to the national cable landscape.” said Adam Gaynor, vice president of AMCN Agility. “ Our partnership with Sorenson Media strengthens the power of our popular and culturally-relevant networks, giving advertisers the ability to reach consumers more directly and with greater impact. Adding addressability to our suite of advanced TV products furthers our ability to connect brands to their intended consumers.”

Sorenson Addressable provides real-time campaign reporting with granular detail into demographics and viewership data. Advertisers can make more educated decisions about ad spend and creative content that will resonate with their desired audience leading to more effective ad placement and bigger ROI for advertisers.

With its unique capabilities in delivering targeted messaging directly to the glass of the television, Sorenson Addressable overcomes historical limitations of television advertising for networks and broadcasters. This dynamic platform creates opportunities for new television advertisers while allowing content and inventory owners to increase the value of their audience and manage yield in a new, advanced way.