Tru Optik & Beachfront to power audience validated connected TV private marketplaces

Thursday, July 26th, 2018
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Tru Optik & Beachfront Partner to Power Audience Validated Connected TV Private Marketplaces

  • Deal Marks Launch of Tru Optik’s Supply Side Audience Validation; Beachfront is the first SSP to Provide Audience Validated Inventory Segments Across All OTT Devices

STAMFORD, CT — Tru Optik, the leading audience intelligence and data-management platform across over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV), and Beachfront, the leading independent video supply monetization company across CTV, desktop and mobile devices, today announced a new partnership allowing publishers and device manufacturers to pre-segment and validate audience-based inventory at scale across OTT and CTV.

Beachfront, which has done extensive work to prevent OTT ad fraud, is the first SSP to provide both inventory quality validation and audience validation across all OTT devices. With Tru Optik, Beachfront publishers can setup private marketplaces filtered with advanced audience data across not only their Roku inventory, but also across Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TVs, game consoles, and all other OTT devices.

Supply Side Audience Validation is an extension to Tru Optik’s recent release of its Cross-Screen Audience Validation (CAV) service which is the first measurement and validation solution for audience-based advertising across OTT and CTV. Powered by Tru Optik’s 75 million-home household graph, CAV is the only measurement solution with the scale and flexibility required to measure precision audience targets across all CTV devices.

“With billions of connected TV requests across our supply side publisher network, it’s critically important we have a partner like Tru Optik to ensure the right advertisers connect with the correct, validated audience segments,” said Frank Sinton, founder, Beachfront. “Our data indicates that mid- and long-tail publishers will increasingly prosper due to accelerated CTV streaming growth, with overall inventory rising quickly and, therefore, making the need for Tru Optik’s audience validation all the more important.”

Tru Optik Audience Validation is far more comprehensive than just age and gender, with advanced audience characteristics covering every major advertising vertical including demographic, auto, finance, CPG, entertainment, travel and more. The Tru Optik OTT Data Marketplace is mapped to over 75 million homes in the U.S., segmenting audiences by leveraging data from dozens of leading companies including Experian, Alliant, IHS, Kantar and V12.

“Advertisers want to have consistent targeting and buying capabilities across all OTT publishers and devices,” said Andre Swanston, CEO, Tru Optik. “Beachfront is one of only a handful of platforms that had the technical and logistical capabilities to work with us to pull this off. Our new partnership helps level the playing field allowing buyers and sellers of CTV inventory to have a consistent, scalable audience strategy across all devices.”

Supply Side Audience Validation is fully privacy compliant, with all U.S. homes scrubbed against OPTOUT.TV, a privacy register that allows consumers to opt out of audience-targeted OTT ads across all CTV devices and platforms in their home.