Kaltura TV Platform enables packaging up of content for additional OTT providers

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018
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Kaltura Announces New Content-as-a-Service Solution to Enrich Cloud TV Content Choices

  • Customer KCP is already using the new service to source its content to additional providers, and enjoying wider reach, increased usage and an additional revenue stream

Kaltura, the leading video technology provider, unveils a revolutionary new service that allows media companies and service providers using the Kaltura TV Platform to extend their content reach and enrich their content offering leveraging the Kaltura TV Platform and its connectivity to hundreds of media customers.

The new Kaltura Content as a Service solution uses the Kaltura TV Platform as a hub for centralized video content management and distribution. Media companies already using the Kaltura TV Platform and looking to extend the reach of their OTT content beyond their direct to consumer distribution can now select to distribute “packaged” video and metadata securely and automatically to other OTT services with practically zero integration required on their side, thus increasing their content’s reach while keeping costs down.

Kaltura customer, KCP, the leading premium Korean content platform, delivers the largest collection of premium K-Drama content from the top Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC, SBS and other content partners to users worldwide. Now, using Kaltura Content-as-a-Service, KCP is seamlessly and securely distributing its content to a large OTT partner, and reaching many millions of additional viewers worldwide. KCP is already seeing a boost of over 10 X in monthly streams and plans to add more distribution partners later this year.

The service also allows customers to granularly control which content is distributed and when, and includes detailed reports for accurate tracking and billing. Kaltura Content as a Service supports VOD content, linear channels and allows customers to create simulive channels with full EPG, and monetize content with ad-based or subscription models using the new service.

For pay-TV service providers and content aggregators using the Kaltura TV Platform, the Content as a Service solution allows easy access to content catalogs from multiple existing Kaltura media customers for the purpose of enriching the content catalogs they offer subscribers. Once the service provider signs a licensing deal with a specific media company, it can then use the Kaltura TV Platform to start the seamless flow of content and metadata between the parties.

“This new service is simply a no-brainer for content owners and aggregators. Our media customers are always looking to expand their reach, and our pay-TV customers are looking to add highly targeted content catalogs,” said Dr. Shay David, Kaltura Co-founder, President and GM of Kaltura’s Media and Telecom business unit. “Cloud TV presents great opportunities for bringing highly relevant content to targeted users and our Content as a Service solution helps enable just that.”