Tivù launches HbbTV Operator Application

Friday, September 14th, 2018
Tivù logo

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Tivù, in collaboration with Yotta Media Labs, has become the world’s first operator to deploy an HbbTV Operator App (OpApp).

Tivùon, Tivù’s OpApp, supports all of the features expected of a vertical network operator’s application for the Italian horizontal TV ecosystem. This Operator Application dramatically enhances the usability of interactive services and the viewer experience steps up to the next level; narrowing the gap with pay TV’s user experience but without any subscription fee for the viewer. The market launch will initially start with two models of tivùsat set-top-boxes, available from next October in Italy and will follow on TVs.

Tivù has been working, since its foundation, with the main TV and STB manufacturers operating in the Italian market for its multiplatform services. Now, thanks to the OpApp, tivù has a unique opportunity to get to the highest level of customer satisfaction and user experience, for this reason tivù aims to integrate OpApps into the next generation devices starting from 2019. The OpApp enhances the TV experience through a better performance, enforces security for both manufacturer and operators and enriches the ecosystem of HbbTV technology offerings allowing advanced features like PVR, Audience measurement and targeted advertising.

Tivù, in collaboration with the Free TV Alliance, has supported since the very beginning the development and adoption of the HbbTV Operator Application specification. Tivù, Yotta Media Labs and the Free TV Alliance are fully committed to the future of operator applications and to the creation of a common standard for Free-To-View satellite TV services and technologies across Europe for the benefit of viewers, manufacturers and broadcasters.

Anyone who is interested in this exciting opportunity for Operator Applications is invited to visit us at IBC booth 5.A55 to watch the demo on Panasonic TV and Strong and Opentel set-top-boxes and to discuss potential partnerships.