Streaming Video Alliance publishes documents on ad delivery for OTT and 360°/VR

Friday, September 14th, 2018
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Streaming Video Alliance Publishes New Documents on Advertisement Delivery Across OTT and Current State of 360-Degree Video and Best Practices

  • Newly Approved Documents Reflect Ongoing Contributions of Alliance Working Groups and Study Groups to Solving Industry-wide Issues

FREMONT, Calif. — The Streaming Video Alliance (the Alliance), an industry forum solving challenges to improve the video experience, today announced the availability of two newly approved documents produced by the Advertising Working Group and the Virtual Reality Study Group. These recently published documents, which represent months of collaboration by members, contribute to the Alliance’s focus on educating and supporting the advancement of the streaming video industry. The Alliance also recently published a new whitepaper by the Open Caching Working Group about optimizing video delivery.

Improved Quality of Service (QoS) for Advertisement Delivery Across OTT: Best Practices

To provide users with the best possible Quality of Experience (QoE), content publishers must take into account the advertising workflow with regards to quality, duration, delivery, and failure. The best practices presented in this paper, developed by a number of contributing companies in the Advertising Working Group, address a myriad of considerations for any OTT service provider that is considering the inclusion of advertising in their offering.

“This document was a considerable effort by the Advertising Working Group. They compiled an impressive list of best practices to ensure the highest quality-of-experience for advertisements within streaming video,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Alliance. “I’m really proud of the work that went into this. It’s another milestone in what is shaping up to be a banner year for the Alliance.”

The Advertising Working Group is currently chaired by Mourad Kioumgi of Sky.

The State of VR/360-Degree Video

VR/360-degree video is an exciting evolution of traditional video content, and both entertainment companies and traditional businesses are exploring its uses. While consumer adoption of VR video is still at the beginning of the adoption curve, many content owners and marketers are looking to this innovative medium to differentiate themselves in a crowded content market, to tell new, engaging stories, or deliver product/brand messaging. This market report looks at the technology, challenges, and approaches currently available to content creators with VR/360-degree video.

“The deep collaboration between our member companies is how a document such as the VR/360-degree video report comes to life. Behind the scenes it was a tremendous effort by a number of members, and it’s immensely rewarding to see the power of the Alliance at work,” said Thibeault. “This report is a solid primer on the current state of 360-degree video and our goal with it is to help companies make educated technology and business decisions regarding the pursuit of this medium.”

The VR Study Group is currently chaired by Brian Stevenson of Ericsson.

Optimizing Video Delivery with the Open Caching Network

Also recently published by the Alliance was a whitepaper produced by the Open Caching Working Group. It serves as an overview for anyone interested in understanding how the specifications that the Open Caching Working Group have defined come together to enable a video service provider to participate in an Open Caching Network.

The Open Caching Working Group is chaired by Ori Finkelman of Qwilt and Eric Klein of Disney Streaming Services. The whitepaper can be downloaded here.

IBC 2018

The Streaming Video Alliance will be onsite again this year at IBC, as well as many of the Alliance’s member companies. If you are interested in scheduling a face-to-face meeting at IBC with the Alliance’s Executive Director or one of the member companies exhibiting at the show, please contact us.

Upcoming Quarterly Member Meeting in Budapest

The Alliance’s Q3 European meeting will be hosted by principal member IBM and will be held at their state of the art labs in the center of Budapest, Hungary. Working Groups in the areas of Measurement/QoE, Open Caching, Geo, Advertising, Privacy & Protection, Networking & Transport, Live Streaming, and the VR Study Group will meet at this event.