Vecima expands IPTV footprint at Blue Ridge Communications

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022 
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Vecima Expands IPTV Footprint with Blue Ridge Communications

  • Vecima’s TiVo-powered MediaScale™ IPTV solution will accelerate the next-generation TV experience for Blue Ridge subscribers
  • Moving to IP video expands Blue Ridge’s network capacity to support its fiber buildout

VICTORIA, British Columbia — Today, Vecima announced an expansion to its industry-leading MediaScale™ IP Video Streaming footprint at Blue Ridge Communications, one of the first broadband internet providers in the United States. The Vecima platform is being scaled to handle additional subscribers on the TiVo-fueled Blue Ridge experience and improve delivery of video traffic for customers anywhere in Blue Ridge’s network.

The Vecima TiVo ecosystem provides the industry’s leading video solution for telecommunications operators. Intelligent AI-powered voice search, an intuitive user guide, and aggregation of operator provided local and broadcast channels, coupled with access to leading over-the-top (OTT) applications provides an unparalleled experience for the end subscriber.

The latest iteration of Vecima’s MediaScale Cache also improves on the user experience for OTT video applications outside the Blue Ridge ecosystem, thanks to the Streaming Video Alliance Open Caching standard. Third-party OTT providers can opt in for transport agreements to utilize the MediaScale Cache infrastructure within the Blue Ridge footprint. Using cache streamers at the edge of the network increases bitrate and reduces latency for the end user while reducing network cost for the provider.

In September 2021, Blue Ridge announced a rebuild for more than 8,000 miles of existing footprint with fiber to better serve over 250,000 consumers.

“Offering a world-class video streaming system to customers within both new high-bandwidth fiber to the home and traditional cable plant is a key aspect of evolving the customer experience as we roll out high-speed fiber technologies,” said Mark Maisenheimer, Vice President of Operations at Blue Ridge. “We are increasing bandwidth, providing the industry’s best experience to Blue Ridge’s customers, and improving delivery of content from third-party OTT applications to give our subscribers the world’s leading data and video service.”

“With the TiVo platform, Blue Ridge will make it easier for viewers to find, watch, and enjoy the programming they want, and on their terms,” said Jeff Glahn, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at TiVo, an Xperi company. “We are excited to provide Blue Ridge’s subscriber base this enhanced video experience.”

“Our MediaScale portfolio and Open Caching capability are transforming the telecommunications landscape,” said Dan Gledhill, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Vecima. “We are helping operators with video broadband technologies deploy faster, serve more customers, normalize service across a wide array of physical plan types, and optimize utilization of the networks that support subscribers.”

MediaScale is Vecima’s massively scalable, next-generation IPTV platform trusted to deliver video to millions of subscribers with turnkey, pre-integrated solutions for Video on Demand (VOD), Linear, Start Over, Catch-Up TV, and nDVR services.

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