Encoding.com selected by Akamai as preferred partner for VOD transcoding

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
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Akamai recommending Encoding.com to customers transitioning from its video-on-demand transcoding services

SAN FRANCISCO — Encoding.com, the world’s most trusted cloud media processing service, has been selected by Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, as its preferred partner for Akamai customers transitioning its Media Services On Demand (MSOD) transcoding services. With Akamai retiring MSOD transcoding, the Company is recommending to its customers that they transition to Encoding.com’s cloud-based transcoding platform before April 2019.

“As Akamai continues to focus on product leadership and innovation in high-performance content delivery, we’re ending MSOD, our complementary VOD transcoding product, and working with existing customers to transition to Encoding.com for those services,” said Shawn Michels, Director, Media Product Management at Akamai. “Encoding.com has worked with Akamai for several years and is closely integrated with the Akamai NetStorage and Adaptive Media Delivery products to ensure a smooth transition path for our customers.”

With Encoding.com, current Akamai MSOD customers will have access to Encoding.com’s suite of capabilities with micro-services encompassing video transcoding as well as packaging, automated QC, DRM, dynamic ad insertion and stream conditioning, forensic watermarking, Nielsen support and programmatic editing features among others.

“Video is a critical medium for businesses across many verticals, but especially those in the entertainment industry,” says Jeff Malkin, President at Encoding.com. “We are thrilled to work closely with market leader Akamai in providing customers with a best-of-breed solutions and seamless transition.”

Encoding.com and Akamai engineering teams have worked closely to make the transition to Encoding.com as seamless as possible for existing and future Akamai customers. Encoding.com has integrated Akamai’s NetStorage to allow video content to move easily between the two platforms. Encoding.com has also implemented the exact same video profiles currently available within Akamai’s MSOD platform so customers can continue to produce video content for target web, mobile and set-top box platforms without any issues or interruptions. Customers can also instruct Encoding.com to deliver transcoded and packaged video content directly to the specific Akamai storage directories for immediate publishing.