innogy launches multiscreen IPTV with ZATTOO

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

German fiber-optic network operator innogy successfully launches “innogy TV” with ZATTOO as the operator of its modern Multiscreen IPTV

  • ZATTOO consolidates its position as market leader for White Label IPTV in Germany

ZURICH — As one of the leading energy companies in Germany, innogy has launched a private IPTV product and is now offering internet, telephone services and TV from a single provider.

innogy is the tenth German network operator to introduce an IPTV product fully hosted and managed by ZATTOO. As an end-to-end service provider, ZATTOO covers the entire technical TV platform.

innogy TelNet customers can take advantage of up to 130 TV channels using broadband internet, with many of them in HD quality. In addition, innogy customers can access familiar apps and media libraries through the TV product. innogy TV can be used on several devices simultaneously and includes numerous innovative functions such as scheduling recordings on the go using the app. Customers decide if and when they want to watch television on their big TV set using a set-top box or mobile apps on smartphones, tablets or on their PC/laptop.

“Fiber-optics can do so much more than provide fast internet access and convenient telephone services. We are using our powerful broadband network to bring the innogy TV product to our customers on the devices of their choice and are completing our service offering with the IPTV Solution from ZATTOO”, says Robin Weiand, Managing Director of innogy TelNet.

innogy used the DNMG (Deutsche Netzmarketing GmbH) framework contract for the introduction of its IPTV product. This was finalized by ZATTOO and the DNMG as a group of German network operators in April 2015 for IPTV.

Gernot Jaeger, the Chief Officer of B2B TV Solutions at ZATTOO adds: “We are very pleased that with innogy TelNet we have gained another leading operator of broadband networks as a customer. As a result, we are expanding our White Label Solution’s position as market leader in Germany.”

With the White Label product, network operators can bring a complete TV product to market under their own brand and with their own product profile. With the platform and the TV service completely operated by ZATTOO, network operators benefit from continual updates and developments and are able to become and remain as competitive as the big established TV operators.