UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Announces Consultation Process on Licensing Broadcast Mobile TV

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Committed to transparency and innovation, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is launching a consultation process on the licensing of the Broadcast of Mobile TV in the UAE.

Currently a similar type of service is available through 3G streaming. However, this new Mobile TV service is provided through a different technology and will enable the public to enjoy a wider selection of channels and at a better quality.

The TRA has carried out a detailed study of the licensing criteria and procedures to be followed that would enable the success of the service in the UAE and thereby benefit the consumers.

In this respect, H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Board Member and Director General, stated: “The TRA strategy is based on the advanced status of the UAE Telecom Sector, and on responding to the growing demand of its stakeholders for applying the latest telecommunications technologies.”

Mr. Al Ghanim added: “The TRA is responsible for reviewing license applications. We view this consultation as necessary prior to the licensing process and seek to involve interested parties. All interested parties may submit their comments on the Draft Invitation document to the TRA.”

“We consider the participation of interested parties and individuals in the consultation to be within the TRA strategy to involve stakeholders in decisions that affect the sector. The TRA is keen to understand different viewpoints and concerns of the various stakeholders on the licensing of Mobile TV services. Thus, we will take into serious consideration the comments expressed before finalizing the licensing process,” Mr. Al Ghanim concluded.

The consultation process is scheduled to start on 28 May 2008. At the start of the process, a Draft version of the document inviting interested parties to submit bids for providing Mobile TV will be published. The document will detail the overall licensing process, the criteria for evaluation of bids, along with an outline of the license conditions for offering Mobile TV.

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments to the TRA. Close of Consultation is 26 June 2008 at 3 pm.

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