NAGRA and MTM launch 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum

Monday, March 25th, 2019
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NAGRA and MTM Launch the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum

  • Fourth edition aims to help service providers and content owners identify the strategic opportunities for growth in a rapidly transforming industry
  • Global research to explore key industry trends including next-generation aggregation, data and analytics, combatting piracy and pay-TV transformation
  • New 2019 research to focus on how service providers can respond to and leverage OTT, including a specialized focus on sports OTT
  • Activities include a global series of interviews, regional executive seminars, a survey of industry executives, a special report on sports OTT, and a flagship final report to be presented at IBC 2019

CHESEAUX, Switzerland, and PHOENIX, AZ — NAGRA, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, in partnership with MTM, a leading international research and strategy consultancy, today announces the launch of the 2019 Pay-TV Innovation Forum.

The global research programme will explore the biggest challenges facing pay-TV service providers and content owners today, and how they can identify new opportunities to transform and future-proof their business in the years to come. Key topics to be addressed in the 2019 edition include:

  • OTT growth, examining the impact on pay-TV operators of the growth in OTT services, particularly in the area of sports OTT, and how they are responding
  • Next generation aggregation, exploring what pay-TV providers can do to enhance their services, such as launching new pay-TV bundles, integrating OTT services and creating new consumer experiences
  • Data and analytics, investigating how operators are using data and analytics, AI and machine learning to innovate services and improve their top and bottom lines
  • Piracy, covering the new challenges facing pay-TV operators and content owners, and the fight against content theft, particularly in the area of premium sports
  • Pay-TV transformation, identifying the steps pay-TV businesses are taking to transform their organisations, and defining what a successful operator will look like in 2023 and beyond

“In the fourth year of the programme, we are strategically introducing new themes and analyzing their impact on the current state of the pay-TV industry,” said Simon Trudelle, Senior Director Product Marketing at NAGRA. “This expanded focus will provide operators and content owners with a concise view of the current trends, innovations and investment strategies that are shaping the industry both regionally and globally.”

“As disruption and competition in the pay-TV industry continue to intensify, operators and content owners need to carefully consider the strategies, business models and services that will enable them to maintain growth,” said Jon Watts, Managing Partner, MTM.

The 2019 programme will run from March to September, and include in-depth interviews, a global survey with leading industry executives, as well as a special report on the growth of premium sports OTT services around the world. It will also include regional seminars, designed to encourage focused discussions among executives to identify the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The flagship final report, which summarises key findings from the programme, will be launched at IBC in September 2019.

Launched in 2016 by NAGRA and MTM, the Pay-TV Innovation Forum is a major international initiative that seeks to explore innovation and growth across the pay-TV industry during a period of significant change and disruption. For more information on previous editions, please visit the Pay-TV Innovation Forum website.