605 and Research Measurement Technologies measure contextual impact of TV

Thursday, April 11th, 2019
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605 Partners with Research Measurement Technologies to Measure Contextual Impact of TV

NEW YORK — 605, an independent data analytics company that measures the impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior, today announced a strategic relationship with Research Measurement Technologies (RMT), a provider of audience engagement and targeting solutions designed to measure the contextual impact of TV advertising, optimize audience targeting and improve advertising ROI.

605 will combine its analytics solutions and measurement footprint, which includes more than 20 million households across the 210 designated market areas (DMAs) in the United States, with RMT’s context-based psychographic data, or DriverTag™ technology, to measure the contextual impact that each/every ad placement has on brand and sales outcomes. These insights can optimize various elements of a campaign – including creative, ad placements, ad sequencing and frequency – to provide advertiser and programmer clients with optimized creative selections, context effects, targeting, sequencing and other significant media variables that promote both brand lift and a higher return on investment.

“We had the opportunity to work with RMT in applying DriverTag™ ad resonance scores to measure the impact that context has on both brand and sales lift,” said Ben Tatta, Co-Founder and President of 605. “Brand resonance scores vary by program, and it was fascinating to see which programs resonated most and performed best with target audiences. Without question, context plays an important role in driving business results. We look forward to continuing our work with RMT to put these insights into action for our clients.”

The strategic relationship between 605 and RMT builds on a successful joint study for a major consumer packaged goods advertiser. The study yielded several interesting findings:

  • Context plays a vital role in the performance and ROI of TV advertising
  • Contextual impact varies greatly based on the specific brand/creative and program/placements
    • Ad placements with the best contextual fit performed best across the board
      • (purchase intent lift of 37% when DriverTagTM Resonance score between ad and program is over 15%)
  • Programs with the strongest contextual fit amplify the impact on brand and sales – and require less frequency than ad placements with average fit
  • Among low exposure group, unaided awareness lift was 8% – except when consumers had one or more exposures in a program with a 30%+ Resonance score, where unaided awareness lift averaged +62%
  • Highest reach/highest Resonance scoring programs were CBS’s “Big Bang Theory” and “Man with A Plan”

605’s Gaurav Shirole, Vice President of Product & Client Analytics, and RMT’s Bill Harvey, Chairman and Chief Research Officer, will head up the team providing DriverTag™ solutions and ongoing support to 605 clients.

“RMT is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with 605,” said Bill McKenna, Chief Executive Officer of RMT. “Based on my years of hands-on experience with the design and operation of audited U.S. and global television measurement systems, including cross platform, 605 is unmatched in its ability to provide accurate and reliable ad campaign brand effectiveness measurements at scale. For the very first time, advertisers with low- and high-incidence brands – as well as media companies seeking timely tune-in campaign viewership effects – can employ a reliable and cost-effective measurement service for TV campaign effectiveness.”