Sharp Passes 10-Million Mark for One-Seg Mobile Phone Shipments

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

In late May 2008, Sharp Corporation (Tokyo: 6753) passed the 10-million mark for shipments of One-Seg-compatible mobile phones in Japan. One-Seg is a terrestrial digital broadcasting service for mobile devices in Japan. In the two years since the release of its first One-Seg mobile phone in May 2006, Sharp has become the first in the industry1 to reach 10 million shipments of One-Seg mobile phones.

In addition to making it easy to enjoy TV programs on the go, One-Seg mobile phones feature the vivid clarity of digital broadcasting and the convenience of data broadcasts and an EPG (electronic program guide). These mobile phones have succeeded in penetrating deep into markets, with shipments topping 30 million units industry-wide as of April 20082.

Sharp’s first One-Seg mobile phone had a ‘cycloid-style’ LCD screen that could be rotated horizontally 90 degrees. This offered a unique way of enjoying TV on a mobile phone that was a big hit with consumers. Sharp has also made it possible to display clear, vivid high-quality images by equipping its mobile phones with the Mobile Advanced Super View LCD, based on based on LCD technology cultivated through the development of AQUOS LCD TVs, and the SV (Super Vivid) Engine, which reproduces beautiful colors and sharply defined outlines.

In the spring of 2007 Sharp followed up the cycloid-style model with the release of variously designed mobile phones, including dual-hinged3 and slider4 designs. Knowing that user needs diversify with rising demand, shipments of One-Seg phones have increased from a total of five million (as of the end of October 2007) to 10 million in a mere seven months.

Sharp will continue to create new demand by developing and marketing mobile phone products that anticipate a wide range of user needs.

1. For One-Seg-compatible mobile phones as of June 12, 2008.
2. JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) published data.
3. Clam-shell mobile phones with hinges that allow the LCD screen to face different directions.
4. Mobile phones with a sliding display section that allows the operating section to be pulled out from underneath.