Even Technologies Announces the First Real Time Sub 3 Mbps High Definition Video Encoder

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada — Even Technologies Inc. (ETI – TSX Venture), a leader in advanced video compression solutions, announces delivery of the dme™ 900 HD Encoder – the world’s first sub 3 Mbps real time high definition (HD) video encoder. The Even HD Encoder is a 400 percent improvement over competitors’ HD encoders. This technology breakthrough enables the real time streaming of HD video to the laptop, TV and mobile devices.

The Even HD Encoder makes possible a series of applications to support the rapid growth of IPTV and emerging video applications. The IPTV market value is expected to reach $27 billion by 20101. With the introduction of new high definition services, the number of IPTV subscribers is forecasted to reach 103 million in 20112 with an annual growth rate of 52.2% through 20123. The dme™ 900 HD Encoder allows telephone companies to immediately capitalize on this with low bitrate high definition video that can be delivered over their existing infrastructures.

The release of the Even HD Encoder supports a market drive for converged media and new multiplatform revenue opportunities. Worldwide global revenues from online video sales, rentals and subscriptions will grow from $1.46 billion this year to $5.9 billion by 20104 and a recent IBM survey indicated that 81% of consumers watched or wanted to watch PC video. The delivery of the dme™ 900 HD encoder will permit live delivery of premium HD content to online viewers using standard broadband connections.

The new applications made possible by the dme™ 900 HD Encoder include the delivery of HD content for Telco applications, the delivery of HD content in streaming applications to the PC and the emerging market opportunities in HD applications for social networks, portable devices and gaming.

Even Technologies offers real time high definition encoding solutions for next generation media providers. Even Technologies’ approach to encoding video pipelines has reduced the total latency of the encoder to 1/10th of a second.

The dme™ 900 HD Encoder, coupled with specialized transport protocols, delivers worldwide video formats from QCIF to HD to the television, PC and mobile device.

“The Even HD Encoder will enable a new generation of HD revenue opportunities for our customers by providing the most technologically advanced, high performance encoding capabilities to bring them beyond what has been possible to date,” said Nick Ringma, President and CEO of Even Technologies.” The dme™ 900 HD brings mass market opportunity to high definition content delivery for new media applications.”

As the latest addition to Even Technologies’ compression product portfolio, the dme™ 900 HD Encoder enables content owners and aggregators to introduce multiplatform video by distributing HD and near HD content over existing wireless, satellite and IP networks without the end user buying additional equipment.

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