Alphonso and PlaceIQ enable location-based TV planning, measurement, and attribution

Tuesday, May 7th, 2019
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Alphonso and PlaceIQ Enable Best-of-Breed Location-Enabled TV Planning, Measurement, and Attribution

  • First-of-its-kind closed-loop attribution solution is available in a completely self-serve TV campaign analytics dashboard; provides granular analysis for both national and local TV campaigns

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and NEW YORK — Alphonso, the TV data company that marketers, broadcasters, and agencies go to for media planning, TV retargeting, measurement and attribution, and PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior with location data and insights, today announced a partnership combining Alphonso’s large-scale TV viewership data with PlaceIQ’s location data, to enable best-in-class, location-aware TV planning, measurement, and closed-loop TV-to-visitation attribution.

Alphonso's TV-to-Visitation Attribution Dashboard for Broadcasters, Marketers and Agencies

Unlike other solutions, Alphonso’s closed-loop attribution is available in a fully self-serve TV campaign analytics dashboard, to give clients a clear picture of which networks, creatives, shows, and dayparts perform best at driving viewers from the living room into stores, restaurants, dealerships, or other places of business. Alphonso’s attribution is derived from the industry’s largest TV viewership data footprint spanning tens of millions of U.S. households, for granular analysis of both national and local TV campaigns.

With the PlaceIQ location partnership, Alphonso now provides full-funnel attribution for its customers, from granular ad airings data, to reach and frequency with large-scale viewership data, to lift in brand awareness, to visits to websites and apps, and now all the way through to location visits. Alphonso TV-to-visitation attribution has particularly strong momentum in the automotive category, where brands work with Alphonso to understand the impact of their TV ads on dealership visitation.

“Working with PlaceIQ, Alphonso can now offer even more robust TV-to-visitation attribution, which is in strong demand across our clients in several verticals, particularly, automotive, retail, and QSR,” said Ashish Chordia, chief executive officer of Alphonso. “Combining the massive scale of our TV ad airings data with the industry’s leading location intelligence, our clients now have the best way to connect the dots between specific TV ad creatives and foot traffic into their businesses. And we are enabling this for both national and local TV campaigns, which no other company can offer at this scale.”

In addition to closed-loop attribution, this partnership enables best-in-class location-aware media planning, enabling brands to better target prospective customers. A luxury carmaker, for example, can identify actual customers that visit its dealership locations (or even those of competitors) and use that audience set to inform their TV plan. More specifically, carmakers and their agencies can use Alphonso TV viewership analysis to develop media plans based on networks and dayparts where that audience is most frequently found on TV.

PlaceIQ’s location-intelligence platform ingests and processes billions of movement data points from over 200MM unique, anonymous devices to understand the places visited in their consumer journey. By matching this movement data with verified locations, PlaceIQ delivers anonymous visitation metrics to match high quality, real-world visitation metrics for a wide array of key marketing applications.

“We are thrilled to partner with Alphonso on their innovative suite of TV insights and analytics services,” said Nadya Kohl, executive vice president of business development and marketing at PlaceIQ. “The opportunity is massive, and now is the time to scale the TV ad business and address these needs to deliver and measure highly efficient audiences.”