MIDiA Research begins beta testing of TV show performance tracking tool

Thursday, June 6th, 2019
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Media and Entertainment Insights Provider MIDiA Research Announces Beta Testing for Innovative TV Show Performance Tracking Platform

  • MIDiA Index Provides TV Show Impact Data, Trends and Audience Insights, Helping Networks and Agencies Understand the Value of Show Success

LONDON — MIDiA Research, a leading source of insight and analysis in digital media, music, video and games, is expanding its family of data tools and analytics intelligence to TV shows.

The new development, MIDiA Index, is a robust and powerful measurement proposition that aggregates manifold data types from multiple sources to create a unique and accurate reading of how well TV shows are really performing, demonstrating their true value to TV networks and establishing who the audiences consuming the shows are. Users can understand not just the face value of a show’s relative success, but what the ongoing opportunities are.

Featuring more than 160 shows across the US, UK, Canada and Australia, MIDiA continuously tracks several market indicators including viewership, brand awareness, demographics, audience demand, subscriber market shares, fandom, social media metrics and much more, capturing the footprint of each show from all angles. These metrics, combined with MIDiA’s proprietary audience data, are channelled through the Index algorithm to determine a dynamic performance score: The MIDiA Index Score.

MIDiA’s proprietary data, which tracks consumer trends including consumption behaviours and attitudes, reveals the depth of audience fragmentation and engagement in the digital landscape, underlying the fact that traditional ratings systems are lacking in their representation and understanding of what defines content success.

Consumers no longer simply sit in front of the TV watching pre-scheduled programming. MIDiA’s data uncovers where audiences are really spending their time, who they are and what other digital activities occupy their limited available attention.

“Index is revolutionary in providing a holistic understanding of TV show fanbases, giving users the opportunity to view and learn from all the important metrics and components of the Index Score in a user-friendly dashboard,” says MIDiA’s product development lead and senior analyst, Karol Severin. “The Index Score is the ultimate TV show value marker for the attention economy. Users can avoid data gathering from multiple sources and navigating conflicting methodologies because we have done all the work and put the results at their fingertips in Index.”

A respected insights partner, trusted by some of the world’s preeminent media brands and known for its unique perspective and grasp of the relational tension between attention, engagement and monetisation—key drivers in the attention economy, MIDiA brings to the market an exceptional proposition that illuminates the true impact of video content in the digital era.

Beta Testing Launches on June 17, 2019.