NeoMagic® Corporation and Innofidei Technology Announce Availability of Mobile TV Solution for China

Monday, June 16th, 2008

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and BEIJING — NeoMagic Corporation (Nasdaq: NMGC), a pioneer in developing mobile multimedia solutions, and Innofidei, Inc., a leading IC supplier for the mobile TV market in China, today announced that they have successfully demonstrated a mobile TV solution based on the CMMB (China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting) standard.

The CMMB standard is supported by SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) and the broadcast infrastructure is currently being deployed. Live broadcast will be available in 37 cities during the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. It is expected that a population of 94 million people in China will be able to receive live television in 2009.

NeoMagic provides the multimedia processor that decodes the broadcast TV signal while Innofidei provides the IF101 demodulator/tuner chip. The total solution enables a high quality mobile TV experience with very low power consumption, making it ideal for portable applications. Multiple end products can benefit from this 2-chip solution: Mobile phones, Personal Multimedia Players, GPS navigation devices or stand-alone mobile TV players. NeoMagic can support all implementations with the NeoMobileTV co-processor (ideal for easy integration into a feature phone or a device with an existing host processor) or the MiMagic 8 application processor (ideal for smart phones and stand-alone mobile TVs). Both companies focus on delivering the best image and sound quality while optimizing power consumption at the chip and system level. This translates into an optimal mobile TV experience for the consumer that wants to watch TV on the go while not sacrificing battery life on their mobile device.

“I am pleased that our efforts with Innofidei over the past few months have created new opportunities for us in China,” said Douglas Young, President and CEO of NeoMagic Corporation. “With the deployment of the mobile TV broadcast infrastructure, CMMB is poised to become a hot feature for portable devices and our joint implementation can help customers get to market faster.”

“We are thrilled that our cooperation with NeoMagic led to the demonstration of a high quality mobile TV experience for the fast growing China market,” stated Dr. Tom Zhang, Chairman, President and CEO of Innofidei, Inc. “With our products and solutions, various kinds of CMMB terminals will be launched faster to give customers a wider range of choices during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and beyond.”

Availability: The MiMagic 8 from NeoMagic and the IF101 from Innofidei are available now in production quantities. Samples of the NeoMobileTV from NeoMagic are available now. The joint CMMB mobile TV solution, including reference design schematics and software, is available now for demonstration to customers.