Conviva launches Content Insights

Thursday, September 12th, 2019
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Conviva Launches Content Insights, Introduces New Standard for Streaming Media Strategy, Promotion and Monetization Decisions

  • Conviva Content Insights and Next Generation Conviva Experience Insights expand integrated intelligence portfolio and deepen viewer journey and quality of experience optimization capabilities

FOSTER CITY, CA — Conviva, the global leader in streaming media intelligence, today announced the launch of Conviva Content Insights and the next generation of Conviva Experience Insights, the latest innovations in the Conviva Insights Portfolio.

Conviva Content Insights introduces a new industry standard for content strategy, promotion and monetization decisions. In an increasingly crowded streaming media market, identifying content that pulls viewers in and holds their attention is crucial, as is understanding where, when and how streamers consume that content. Engaging and retaining audiences also requires actionable intelligence. With today’s introduction of Content Insights, streaming media providers can effectively do it all.

“Content Insights is an exciting addition to Conviva’s portfolio. With it, we have a much deeper understanding of what, where, when and how our viewers are streaming,” said Robert Jones, VP of Data Platforms & Strategy Operations, WarnerMedia. “Knowing what will keep them engaged, and staying on top of the trends that matter, is integral to delivering the personalized experiences we envision for every streaming viewer worldwide.”

The industry now has a way to understand the consumption patterns of streaming viewers across time, locations, content, apps and devices. Content Insights analyzes every second, screen and stream to accurately map these factors at a household level. The resulting high-fidelity Household Consumption Graphs enable the creation of behavioral segments and pathing visualization for unparalleled comprehension of the viewer journeys of bingers, sports watchers, series loyalists and more. Users will also be able to track content performance anywhere, anytime with the new Content Insights mobile app.

Content Insights is already being used across leading global organizations to improve everything from content selection and marketing performance to pricing and packaging. And the industry is taking notice. Among the first to adopt Content Insights are Cartoon Network, CNN, DIRECTV Go a service of Vrio, and TruTV.

“We see enormous potential in customizing our outreach and content strategies for viewers in every market,” said Allen Hankins, AVP OTT & Digital Technology, Vrio. “Conviva Content Insights will support us to deepen understanding of the consumer’s viewing content preferences and behaviors to continue to deliver the best entertainment experience.”

“We built Content Insights specifically for streaming audiences,” said Bill Demas, CEO, Conviva. “We’re able to give our customers a complete picture of how households engage with their content, whether the family is sitting in front of the big screen together or everyone is watching on devices in different locations.”

Today’s launch also includes a completely reimagined Conviva Experience Insights, architected for unprecedented levels of ad hoc multi-dimensional analysis, responsiveness, data accessibility and granularity. Long recognized as the industry benchmark for data accuracy and real-time quality of experience (QoE) optimization, it now also features a completely redesigned, easy to use interface optimized for common workflows, minute-by-minute reporting and on-demand filtering based on the user’s choice of dimension combinations. These dramatic improvements deliver exactly the kind of visibility and responsiveness Conviva’s customers need to provide the next-level entertainment experiences their viewers expect.

“To stay ahead in the streaming TV market, you have to keep pushing the boundaries of technology innovation and building for what’s next. Sling has done that many times over, most recently with our next-generation architecture,” said Christine Weber, Sr. VP of Engineering, Sling TV. “Conviva has repeatedly set the standards for real-time streaming media intelligence and does it again with the latest generation of Experience Insights.”

“Hulu’s rapidly scaling business requires a deep and detailed view of our video and customer systems,” said David Baron, VP of Content Business Operations & Digital Supply, Hulu. “Through our partnership with Conviva, Hulu is able to gather granular insights in real-time across our live and on-demand services that help keep us at the top of our game.”

“As a rapidly expanding global sports broadcaster, data forms a central role in our continued success,” said Nick Grimwood, Operations, DAZN. “With each new market launch, it’s crucial that we understand the territory-specific nuances of user behavior, device demographics and platform infrastructure in real time. To deliver the world class service that our passionate subscribers expect of live sport streaming, we choose Conviva as our key strategic partner.”

Data strategies that create actionable intelligence are necessary to compete in this exciting and challenging ecosystem. Conviva has taken steps to remove critical blind spots and provide real-time intelligence that can enable players across the industry to reduce customer churn, increase viewer engagement, drive new monetization models, grow ROI and more.

Parks Associates consumer research reports that 27% of U.S. broadband households use 3+ OTT services. “The streaming video service marketplace is diverse, fragmented and highly competitive, with hundreds of services available. Differentiation is difficult. Leading players are using data in unique ways that create areas of competitive advantage,” said Brett Sappington, Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “Subscriber churn, content licensing decisions, user experience management, business model optimization, marketing and user engagement are just a few of the areas where services leverage in-depth data analysis like that provided by Conviva. As the market continues to evolve, those without data analysis capabilities will be at a significant disadvantage.”