Canada's Media Technology Monitor reports on SVOD, podcasting, co-viewing and more

Thursday, February 6th, 2020
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The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) releases its new Sneak Peek Report highlighting SVOD, Podcasting, co-viewing and more

OTTAWA — The Media Technology Monitor (MTM), a research product of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio Canada), releases its new Sneak Peek Report.

The Sneak Peek explores our top five key findings and provides an early look at what can be expected from the upcoming season.

Key findings from the Sneak Peek include the following:

  • With increased pressure in the SVOD market, how will the new entrants fare? According to MTM’s Fall 2019 survey, 1 in 6 Canadians show interest in subscribing to Disney+ and 1 in 10 show interest in getting Apple TV+;
  • Netflix continues its domination in Canada. When consuming content on Netflix, Francophones report the vast majority of the content they watch on the platform is in the English language;
  • Who are you watching TV with? 41% of Canadians report that they would be annoyed if someone they typically watch a show with watched it without them. Drama and comedy are the top preferred genres for co-viewing;
  • Podcasting continues to be a popular medium in the Canadian market with 26% of Canadians having listened to one. In terms of genres, 1 in 7 podcast listeners list comedy as their favorite type to listen to;
  • One in ten Canadians own a smart device which helps to automate things like temperature, lights and other features in their homes. Google Nest products are by far the most popular brand of smart home devices in Canada.

The English and French-language Media and Technology Adoption Reports and the most recent Fall 2019 data set are available to subscribers on the MTM Portal.