Cinedigm adds Roku support to its app platform

Monday, February 24th, 2020
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Cinedigm Announces Support for the Roku Platform via Matchpoint Blueprint™ App Platform

  • The Launch Further Establishes Cinedigm’s Position As A Leading Developer for Smart TVs and Connected Platforms

LOS ANGELES — Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced newly expanded development support for the Roku® platform via the Company’s highly-scalable Matchpoint Blueprint™ app platform. The cross-platform app development framework provides content owners a comprehensive and robust app development platform, giving them the power to easily launch well-designed and feature-rich OTT video streaming apps that are optimized for all major app platforms, now including Roku. Matchpoint Blueprint™ apps can now easily be developed for the Roku streaming players, as well as for The Roku Channel and a variety of Smart TVs and Roku TV™ models.

Matchpoint Blueprint™ facilitates rapid development and delivers cost-efficient cross-platform applications with a broad range of features including integrated billing, configurable content menus, custom watch lists, in-app notifications and alerts, machine learning-based recommendations, single sign-on (SSO), DRM, ad support, advanced analytics reporting, and more—giving content creators the power to fully develop and launch apps in mere weeks instead of months, while drastically reducing the amount of time needed to launch a video streaming app. This makes Matchpoint Blueprint™ the ideal choice for small to medium-sized content owners, providing them with the ability to create advanced custom apps at a low cost with no engineering experience required.

Matchpoint Blueprint™ also offers freshly redesigned aesthetics and high usability, making it possible for users to quickly and easily create detailed opening video animations, stylish custom backgrounds, and more. In addition to the Roku family of devices, Matchpoint Blueprint™ users can find the platform on the web, as well as on iOS and Android devices—allowing developers to conveniently stream their growing creations directly from their phones using Blueprint Plus’s Chromecast capabilities.

The Matchpoint Blueprint™ app is a component of the Company’s innovative managed-service technology platform Matchpoint™, a game-changing service that enables content distributors, OTT service operators, web publishers, and OEMs to efficiently and cost-effectively create compelling OTT and media subscription services. The success of the Blueprint Plus and Matchpoint™ technology has established Cinedigm’s emerging status as the top experts for advertising-supported platforms, and the Company continues to employ Matchpoint™’s invaluable resources to build support for key leading content television platforms across the globe.

“Cinedigm is committed to building a more internationally robust platform and launching Blueprint Plus on Roku devices is a crucial step in helping to accomplish that goal,” said Cinedigm Digital Networks GM Tony Huidor. “Roku users have responded warmly to our eclectic content in the past, and we are excited to provide them with another intuitive premium offering that will help them create high-quality apps of their own. Aspiring creators and seasoned professionals alike will benefit tremendously from all that the user-friendly Blueprint Plus app offers—making what was once a long, expensive, and often arduous process significantly easier and more cost-effective, and allowing them to bring their unique visions fully to life as they get their creations out and to consumers in far less time than on similar template apps.”