Edge Networks announces 'Evoca' ATSC 3.0 pay TV service

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020
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Evoca To Launch Nextgen TV Service Featuring 80+ Live Channels For Less Than $50

  • Using ATSC 3.0, Evoca is an Affordable, High-Quality TV Service Coming to Small and Mid-Size Markets Starting in Boise This Summer

BOISE, IDAHO — Edge Networks today announced the launch of a revolutionary new over-the-air television service, Evoca. Harnessing the power of ATSC 3.0 — America’s newest broadcast standard — this service offers 80+ news, sports, local, and live TV channels for less than half the cost of cable. Rolling out first this summer in Boise, Idaho, Evoca will feature HD and 4K picture quality that is superior to legacy broadcast TV, cable companies and virtual streaming services, bringing true 4K television to small and mid-sized markets for less than $50 per month.*

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“We’re very excited to take this next big leap in television,” said Edge Networks President and CEO Todd Achilles. “Thanks to major advances in broadcast TV technology, combined with our own proprietary systems, Evoca delivers a buffer-free 4K TV-watching experience. By using ATSC 3.0, our signal doesn’t affect and isn’t affected by internet bandwidth in the home. Regardless of how many video games, movies or video conferences may be streaming, viewers will always receive a better quality picture and more reliable service than what they experience today.”

A departure from traditional cable and streaming television services, Evoca uses a TV antenna and a proprietary receiver. In addition to delivering unparalleled and vibrant picture quality, consumers have access to their local sports, news, weather and so on, without sacrificing access to their favorite cable channels. For the more than 50 million households in small and mid-sized markets like Boise — where bandwidth and options are limited and cable is expensive — Evoca is a new paradigm for TV delivery that addresses their unique needs.

In the coming months, Evoca will share additional updates about their content partners, pricing, channel lineup and rollout plans beyond Boise.

* Not all shows and movies are available in 4K resolution.

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