New Zealand - Freeview Take-Up Tracking Strongly

Friday, July 11th, 2008
Freeview NZ logo

Freeview NZ, the free-to-air digital television and radio service, continues to prove attractive to New Zealanders. At the end of June 2008 123,903 receivers had been sold. That equates to 7.8% of New Zealand homes having access to the service, or 300,000 Kiwis. In total an additional 25,370 receivers have been sold this quarter.

The new Freeview|HD™ service, which launched in April, has contributed 7,594 high definition enabled homes to this take-up.

Steve Browning, General Manger, Freeview, says the Freeview service continues to resonate with Kiwi’s around the country and that its continued growth reflects a healthy appetite for a cost effective, quality viewing experience.

“We are all acutely aware that the cost of living has gone up dramatically this year. This makes Freeview’s offer of digital quality TV and radio for a one-off cost and no ongoing payments very appealing,” he says.

“And with the recent launch of Sony BRAVIA V and W series digital TV’s with Freeview|HD™ built in we are seeing the different options available to access free digital TV growing,” he adds.
There is an added incentive to get Freeview before the 8th of August, as Freeview will enable its viewers to experience even more of this year’s biggest TV event, the Olympics, as TVNZ offers TVONE coverage (in high definition on Freeview|HD™) plus 24/7 coverage exclusively on Freeview channel 20 – TVNZ Sport Extra.