Neustar and unify TV and digital attribution

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020
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Neustar and Partner to Unify TV and Digital Attribution

  • Companies integrate technologies to deliver holistic measurement for enterprise B2C brands

STERLING, Va. — Neustar, Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution and, the leader in real-time TV ad measurement and attribution, today announced a partnership to make iSpot’s TV ad measurement data available within Neustar’s Identity Management (IDMP), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and Unified Marketing Analytics platforms, providing a granular and complete view of the full customer journey inclusive of linear, addressable, and OTT TV exposure. This combined TV analytics solution provides a more comprehensive analysis of omnichannel marketing performance while giving advertisers access to an enriched identity asset for advanced segmentation, audience planning, and multi-touch attribution.

“Enterprise brand marketers are increasingly looking for a holistic approach to marketing planning that encompasses both digital and television,” said Neustar Senior Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Solutions, Michael Schoen. “It’s our mission to provide enterprise brand marketers with an integrated understanding of the effects of their digital and television campaigns, using integrated user-level data.”

The deal brings together Neustar’s best-in-breed digital and unified attribution and identity management, with iSpot’s real-time, always-on TV ad measurement and attribution. Together, the partnership connects all TV ad exposures to sales activities at scale across linear, VOD, and streaming environments. The integrated offering provides brand marketers with greater access, insight, and customization over their omnichannel marketing strategies inclusive of linear TV.

“The Neustar and iSpot integration now sets the standard for cross-channel MTA. Both companies have measurement, modeling, and data science in their DNA with meaningful penetration amongst Fortune 500 brands. This is a marketer’s holy grail. We are excited to join forces to deliver on an integrated digital and television strategy,” said Sean Muller, Founder & CEO of

Neustar’s integration of iSpot’s market-leading TV ad measurement data into its IDMP Data Directory provides marketers identity-based intelligence that is pseudonymized and privacy-compliant to enrich consumer profiles. This intelligence enables marketers to build audience profiles that capture the true propensity and characteristics of the omnichannel consumer. This integrated user-level data provides greater insight into the performance of all marketing experiences across the omnichannel journey. It gives clients the hands-on ability to build stronger, more accurate media measurement and attribution models. Neustar’s incorporation of iSpot’s uniquely complete, real-time ACR-enriched ad catalog into its MTA and IDMP platform gives joint customers easy access to the most accurate, comprehensive view of linear, VOD and CTV ad exposures. Likewise, iSpot has integrated onboarding to make it easy for brands to utilize their first-party data within iSpot’s TV attribution platform to inform buying decisions, optimizations and return on ad spend (ROAS) analysis.