Tremor Video expands video ad fraud-filtering with DoubleVerify

Thursday, May 7th, 2020
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Tremor Video Strengthens Brand Protection Suite for Advertisers Through Expanded Partnership with DoubleVerify

NEW YORK, NY — Tremor Video, the leading programmatic video and advanced TV platform, today announced it has extended its partnership with DoubleVerify in a two-year deal to expand its brand protection solutions. This expansion positions DoubleVerify as the holistic verification partner for all of Tremor’s activity.

Research shows that brand safety continues to be a serious concern for 99% of ad industry professionals. Through a combination of DoubleVerify for fraud-filtering and Oracle Data Cloud’s Contextual Intelligence for brand-safety, Tremor Video continues to assure brands and agencies that their video ads are delivered in brand-safe environments, regardless of device or format.

“We applaud Tremor Video’s continued commitment to a high-quality, fraud-free marketplace,” said Steven Woolway, EVP of Business Development, DoubleVerify. “By leveraging DoubleVerify’s omni-channel fraud prevention solution, Tremor Video will ensure its advertisers reach real consumers across its growing supply footprint.”

The extended DoubleVerify fraud-filtering capabilities will include Connected TV (CTV), where fraud activity is on the rise. DoubleVerify recently tracked a 120% increase in fraudulent CTV and mobile apps — with over 500,000 fraudulent CTV devices detected per day.

“At a time when CTV is our main focus, DoubleVerify’s proven reputation among our clients, coupled with their comprehensive CTV fraud filtering solution, gives us confidence that this partnership will provide brands with the safest environment for reaching and engaging consumers,” said Amy Guenel, Vice President of Product Marketing, Tremor Video.

Additionally, this partnership extends to Unruly, a founding member of the WFA’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media, which works with the world’s biggest advertisers, agencies and media platforms to institutionalize cross-industry standards and approaches when it comes to brand safety. Their industry-recognized brand-safety solution UnrulyX Shield includes certifications from TAG and DAA. This ensures all ads are delivered in brand-safe environments, backed by a fraud-free guarantee. The new protection solution will replace the former RhythmOne solution, RhythmGuard, on the supply side for Tremor International.

Tremor Video’s commitment to brand safety has expanded to meet the ever-evolving demands of media consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through its integration of Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence tools, Tremor Video has added terms related to COVID-19 to its standard protection. By evaluating those terms based on the context in which they are used, rather than simple keyword blacklists, Tremor Video can determine if COVID-19 content is presented in a negative context that is unsafe for brands and adjust where their video ads run accordingly.

“Oracle’s advanced Contextual Intelligence tools help Tremor Video’s clients ensure their ads run in a safe and brand suitable environment based on overall context, not just a single keyword,” said Chris Stark, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Data Cloud. “That nuanced approach helps Tremor Video advertisers find available inventory that meets their needs and achieves their marketing objectives.”