Tremor International grows TV data reach to 44 million U.S. households

Thursday, February 17th, 2022 
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Tremor International Increases TV Data Reach to 44 Million US Households

  • Tremor Video & Unruly platforms now provide access to the industry’s largest co-mingled datasets for TV and cross-device media strategies
  • Enhancements to the TV Intelligence solution and new partnerships, including with TVision and, ramp the scale and efficacy of Set-Top Box, ACR and cross-screen panel data

NEW YORK — Tremor International, a global leader in video and Connected TV (“CTV”) advertising, offering an end-to-end technology platform that enables advertisers to reach relevant audiences and publishers to maximize yield on their digital advertising inventory, today announced the increased scale of its data-driven TV Intelligence solution. Through new partnerships signed in recent months, the TV Intelligence solution’s national footprint now reaches 44 million US households, with a more holistic and representative dataset sourced from smart TVs and eighteen MVPD providers.

Available to buyers through the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP, the components of Tremor International’s end-to-end platform, the TV Intelligence solution is an expansive dataset inclusive of Set-Top Box (STB), Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and cross-screen panel data, coupled with captivating video creative to support marketers’ TV and cross-device media strategies.

In a highly fragmented TV viewership landscape, marketers encounter challenges reaching and measuring scaled TV viewing audiences through a single access point. With TV Intelligence, Tremor International provides access to blended TV data for targeting and measurement, to make it easier for marketers to run TV-like campaigns with precision on CTV and all-screen video using the Tremor Video DSP or the Unruly SSP.

“All in, with our household scale, access to data sourced from smart TV OEMs that can be activated across the open internet, and support for highly customized segment activation and measurement regardless of buying model, the Tremor Video DSP and the Unruly SSP are positioned to offer buyers differentiated campaign strategies and optimization,” said Jessica La Rosa, VP of Partnerships & Data, Tremor International. “We will further strengthen our offering in May 2022 when we gain exclusive access to VIDAA’s TV viewership data via ACR technology.”

Tremor International has entered into or activated data partnerships from premium and diverse sources, including six new MVPD partners, cross-screen panel linear and streaming viewership data from TVision, and exclusive TV viewership data from VIDAA, as well as streaming tune-in measurement data from

In October 2021, Tremor International announced an agreement with VIDAA, the operating system found on most Hisense TVs, as well as other OEMs including Toshiba, for exclusive access to VIDAA’s TV viewership data, both in the US and internationally. This agreement will go into effect in May 2022 and will make Tremor International the only end-to-end technology platform with direct access to OEM ACR data for targeting purposes, outside the walled gardens.

Most recently Tremor International integrated with TVision, which adds a panel dataset to their set-top box data and smart TV data. TVision’s person-level linear and streaming viewership data collected via a combination of computer vision, device detection and ACR technology will be mapped against Tremor International’s TV Intelligence household footprint.

“We are excited to be part of Tremor’s innovative solution for CTV measurement,” said Yan Liu, CEO, TVision. “We are confident that this approach of integrating multiple data sets, with person-level calibration panels like ours will provide the highly accurate data that the industry needs.”

As content providers increasingly shift to reaching audiences through streaming platforms, Tremor International has partnered with to provide tune-in measurement on titles that are running only in streaming environments.’s combined data set encompasses the largest ACR footprint for measurement in the industry and is obtained from a broad base of television types, sizes and buyer personas. The combined data set covers the entire US market, from lower cost and high value TVs to high cost and top tier TVs, from multiple connected TV operating systems, and from a wide range of physical locations.

“Marketers looking to reduce the complexity of streaming campaign measurement shouldn’t have to give up granularity in attribution and lift models, or representativeness across viewing types, geography or other demographics. We’re pleased to partner with Tremor International to make it easier for their buyers to understand the efficacy of their CTV and OTT campaigns,” said Stuart Schwartzapfel, SVP of media partnerships, “Our partnership provides marketers with the flexibility to run campaigns across Tremor’s media footprint while taking advantage of the data accuracy and fidelity that comes with such a scaled smart TV footprint.”

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