Inverto releases solution for RF video overlay distribution via FTTH

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020
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Inverto releases Unifiber™ – a new product family focused on reliable, high-performance cost-effective solutions for RF video overlay distribution via FTTH

GONDERANGE, Luxembourg — FTA Communication Technologies SARL (Inverto), a leading provider of broadcast reception equipment, smart metering and monitoring solutions and advanced satellite and IP streaming solutions today announced the launch of Unifiber™ – a new product family addressing the increasing demand for reliable, high quality and cost effective solutions for distributing TV services over fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

As bandwidth requirements continue to increase worldwide, fiber networks are essential for global operators and service providers to build competitive services and deployment of FTTH networks continues to grow at rapid pace. Fiber networks not only deliver higher data speeds and therefore critical for attracting new users, but they also slash operating costs and increase maintenance efficiency.

“But fiber networks to-the-home are not only perfect for data transmission.” Explains Christophe Perini, Inverto’s CEO. “With more complex signal modulations driven by Ultra HD and 4K transmissions and larger bandwidth required by sophisticated multi-tuner digital full-band-capture receivers at home, copper-based cable networks require an upgrade to replace legacy multiswitches with dCSS multiswitches. However, in many cases the copper networks are stretched to their bandwidth limit, complicated to power in the riser and to balance, degrade signal quality and struggle to deliver a stable TV service. Passive fiber networks, on the other hand, are simple, offer low noise and low signal loss, and by adding an EDFA amplifier, become an ideal medium for cost-efficient reliable distribution of TV services to thousands of homes from a single source. As more and more new installs deploy fiber networks in order to deliver broadband data services, adding the RF video over the same fiber network is a no-brainer.” Christophe continued.

The Unifiber™ launch focuses on a high-quality and extremely cost-effective range of 1550nm-based EDFA optical amplifiers, optical splitters and fiber leads. The range of EDFAs is based on a 19” 1U rackmount chassis with dual power supply and offers amplifiers with +10dBm or +20dBm output levels, and with or without integrated WDM. The range of optical splitters provides a PLC-based, low loss and balanced 4, 8 and 16-way passive splitters and the fiber leads deliver high quality single mode fibers in multiple lengths with integrated SC/APC connectors. “Inverto’s Unifiber™ EDFAs are a real game changer as they increase system reliability, significantly reduce system complexity and cost not only for large-scale deployments with hundreds of homes but also for as small as 128 homes deployments.” said Olivier Demoly, Inverto’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

Whether for a new or existing MDU fiber install, Inverto’s Unifiber™ products will offer installers the best elements required to optimise both performance and cost efficiency when designing their next fiber deployment. Together with our field-proven and the most competitive Unicable® dCSS multiswitches, Inverto now covers all the needs MDU installers may have when upgrading a copper network, installing a new fiber network or adding RF video overlay to an existing fiber network.