INVERTO collaborates with HISPASAT on SAT>IP product deployment

Friday, September 12th, 2014

SAT-IP technology delivers satellite broadcast content to TV’s, tablets, smartphones and PCs

AMSTERDAM — HISPASAT and INVERTO today announced that they have been jointly working to validating and supporting SAT-IP products to facilitate its deployment within the HISPASAT footprint.

INVERTO’s SAT-IP products include SAT-IP server, SAT-IP switch and iLNB, all designed to convert satellite TV programs to delivery over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, so that the distribution of live satellite content is easily received and consumed across devices in various environments. Thus, satellite signals are available through Ethernet, power-line communications (PLC) or a Wi-Fi local area network (LAN). Since the technology supports both unicast and multicast broadcast over IP, the product line is suitable for single home, multi-dwelling units, and hospitality markets, all by making satellite available easily over a huge installed base of screens, which were prior unable to receive or stream satellite broadcast.

“We believe that our customer base can greatly benefit from the advance, evidenced in this field,” said Inés Sanz, Head of Customer Engineering of HISPASAT. “Multiscreen is a highly valuable feature in the current entertainment market, and HISPASAT considers INVERTO´s SAT-IP products very interesting technology allowing users to enjoy satellite broadcasting content on any screen and personal device, anywhere at home.”

“INVERTO has developed a range of products for the SAT-IP market and we are proud to support HISPASAT and its customers towards evaluating the benefits of the technology and deployment of the products”, said Gil Laifer, Senior Director of Products at INVERTO.

“We believe that the joining of HISPASAT to the SAT-IP support group, together with the continued backing of SES, the initiator of the SAT-IP, marks the opening of a large market to the product segment and its availability to satellite households across the world.”

SAT-IP products are available today in their different flavors. The technology is based on novel Integrated Circuit (IC) technology and embedded, real-time software, all against a standard known as EN50585 at ETSI.