Allegro Software announces support for DLNA VidiPath

Friday, September 12th, 2014
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Allegro Software Announces Support for DLNA’s VidiPath™ Interoperability Guidelines

  • Interoperability toolkits to enable consumer choice for subscription TV services

BOXBOROUGH, MA — Today Allegro Software, the leading supplier of Internet component software for embedded devices, announces support for VidiPath, the latest expansion of DLNA® interoperability guidelines for connected Consumer Electronics (CE) devices. Driven by consumer demand for multi-device viewing experiences, demand from service providers to easily support multi-device viewing of subscription TV, while preserving the user experience, and demand from CE manufacturers to simplify building and supporting of these devices, the VidiPath interoperability guidelines expand support for the evolving ecosystem of the connected home. With the growing marketplace of networked devices supported by UPnP® / DLNA standards-based connectivity, innovative CE manufacturers and service providers can now deliver unparalleled viewing experiences across a myriad number of consumer devices. As the leader in embedded Internet connectivity and long-time contributor to both the UPnP and DLNA communities, Allegro announces RomPlug VP, a family of networking software components that provide OEM developers with a rich framework of UPnP / DLNA technologies to build DLNA VidiPath devices with ease. Founded in 1994, Allegro offers field-proven networking software shipping in 175+ million devices worldwide. Leading global manufacturers of consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, automotive, and aircraft rely on Allegro technology to deliver advanced and robust networking connectivity every minute of every day.

The Consumer Need for VidiPath Connectivity

According to ABI Research, over 1 billion global pay TV subscribers will generate service revenue in excess of $229 billion by 2018 [1]. Such strong revenue predictions are fueled by consumer interest in the multi-device viewing experience, where content can be viewed anywhere a user has a connected consumer device. Prior to the announcement of DLNA’s VidiPath standards-based interoperability guidelines, the full benefits of multi-device viewing were elusive. User experiences were riddled with downloading and installing proprietary apps designed for particular devices and manufacturers in order to discover and access desired content. Frequently, only a portion of the total subscription TV content could be enjoyed. Meanwhile, service providers looking to deliver multi-screen environments lacked a cost-effective and efficient solution, without requiring additional premise equipment or managing various software applications across a breadth of consumer platforms (e.g., TVs running Android-, iOS-, or Windows-based phones and tablets). In order to resolve these issues, service providers started work with DLNA on an in-home, content-streaming solution that benefited all involved ⎯ consumers, service providers, and CE manufacturers. The goal was to offer a high-quality subscription experience to any consumer using his own device over the home network. DLNA’s latest connected consumer device interoperability guidelines, VidiPath, are the result of this effort. Developed through a close collaboration among subscription TV service providers, device manufacturers, and the large product development ecosystem, VidiPath represents thousands of hours of discussion, planning, development, and integration testing that deliver an unprecedented, seamless user experience for multi-device viewing.

Allegro’s RomPlug VP

A long-time supporter of and contributor to both the UPnP and DLNA communities, the RomPlug VP Toolkit extends Allegro’s support for VidiPath, the latest DLNA interoperability standard. The RomPlug VP suite of software toolkits provides OEM developers with a rich framework to support the underlying requirements of VidiPath, such as:

  • DTCP-IP for Protected Streaming
  • HTML5 / RUI for Distributed User Experience
  • UPnP Energy Management for Sleep Mode Support
  • DASH for Adaptive Delivery
  • Client Authentication Technology
  • Transport and Link Layer Diagnostics Technology

Allegro is an industry leading DLNA Technology Component supplier and works with consumer electronics companies worldwide to incorporate DLNA interoperability in more than 50 shipping DLNA Certified product families. Allegro’s RomPlug suite of UPnP / DLNA software components offers OEM engineering teams flexible and robust solutions to create UPnP / DLNA-enabled consumer electronics and mobile devices. “With demand for subscription TV services rising, DLNA’s latest interoperability guidelines provide clear benefits for consumers, CE manufacturers, and service providers alike” says Bob Van Andel, CEO and President of Allegro. “Allegro’s RomPlug VP component continues our commitment to the evolving ecosystem of connected consumer devices by offering the latest in CE connectivity and device management for OEM manufacturers to create devices with an excellent user experience.”

The RomPlug software components are provided as ANSI-C source code and are available now.