TV 2 Sumo upgrades LG Smart TV apps with Norigin Media

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020
Norigin Media logo

OSLO, Norway — TV 2 Sumo, a leading OTT streaming service owned by Norwegian commercial public broadcaster TV 2, has upgraded its apps on LG Smart TVs. The new updated design is built across multiple LG WebOS models using Norigin Media’s TV App Framework.

The streaming service is deployed across a range of high-end LG devices with a sleek new design and user experience created by the TV 2 design team and further developed by Norigin Media. The TV 2 Sumo upgrades include 4k streaming and transactional video on demand (TVoD) for renting or buying movies, among others.

“LG Smart TVs are among one of the most popular smart TV platforms in Norway. As the Nordic TV market is gradually moving towards streaming from Connected TVs, this often makes LG a preferred Smart TV partner for the broadcasters in the region, due to its unparalleled customer experience, a quality app store, and smart navigation,” says Jonas Markén, Smart TV Manager, LG Electronics Nordic.

Marius Bjerke, Product Director at TV 2 Sumo says: “We have been updating many of our large screen TV apps using Norigin Media’s TV App Framework and development services. This enables consumers in Norway to stream content on an increasing range of devices. LG has been a strategic device for TV 2 and we hope to build the best of TV experiences on all their new models.”

“It has been a pleasure working with TV 2, the leading commercial Broadcaster in our home market, Norway.” says Ajey Anand, CEO of Norigin Media. He adds, “Working on the latest Smart TV devices launched in 2020 has resulted in many new features being offered to their consumers and Norigin is glad to help build these UI/UX experiences.”

The TV 2 Sumo service is available across multiple Connected TV devices including set top boxes, Samsung and LG Smart TV devices.