Telepath Released CMMB Demod Chip Together with Infineon and SMIC

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Telepath Technologies Co., Ltd. a mobile multimedia broadcasting chip solution provider, unveils TP3001, a demodulator chip. TP3001 enables access to mobile multimedia broadcasting via mobile handhelds, personal media players as well as other portable electronic devices.

TP3001 is fully compatible with CMMB channel transmission and multiplexing standards. It is the first solution that exactly meets the requirement of multi bit rates in channel transmission standards and demodulation and de-multiplexing in different modes. It can meet or exceed all expectations of manufacturers seeking mass production based on the CMMB platform, in terms of power consumption, size factor and receiving sensitivity, and supports a number of general interfaces, such as SDIO, SPI and I2, that enables the mobile phone and portable device manufactures to achieve flexible implementation with multi front-end RF solutions and back-end application solutions. TP3001 is manufactured with 0.13um CMOS process.

TP3001 was developed by Telepath, in cooperation with Infineon Technologies (Frankfurt: IFX; NYSE:IFX), the world leading semiconductor products and solutions provider. And is being fabricated by the leading domestic foundry company, SMIC (NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981).

“The success of tape out the TP3001 at one stroke, should be contributed to the great support from TiMiTech, exceptional efforts from our tech team and sufficient cooperation from Infineon Xi’an design center. We are very glad to establish the long term strategic partnership with Infineon, and believe Infineon will be capable to deliver the system level chip platform solutions in terms of its wide product series and the leading position in the world semiconductor industry. I am also grateful to SMIC for their help on offering us a native supply chain with high quality and capacity. This success enables us to be well prepared to realize the CMMB application and catch the business opportunity before the 2008 Olympic games. Also the favorable cooperation relationship with the above said partners proves to be a stable base for our further product development to accommodate the future marketing.” Said Li Qun, CEO of Telepath Technologies.

“We could not restrain our excitement when knowing that Telepath Technologies launches the first CMMB demodulator chip which has the mass production prospect. This stands out as one of the notable landmarks in the progress of developing the executable chip solutions to the new and expanding mobile broadcasting industry in China. We offer congratulations to Telepath Technologies for their great achievement, and we are also grateful to Infineon for their major efforts on creating such an open business model,” said Shen Hongbing, President and CEO of TiMiTech Beijing Ltd. which is the core company to establish the CMMB standards, hold by ABS of SARFT.

“We are very glad to see our cooperation achieves gratifying successes so timely and effectively,” said Pan Xiandi, President and executive director of Infineon Asia Pacific, “This heartening news enables us to bear witness the combination of Chinese native technology standards and native design resource of Telepath and Infineon Xian, developing a native chip solution and complete the mass production with domestic fabrication facilities.

Sandro Cerato, general manager and vice president, ASIC Design and Security Business Unit, at Infineon Technologies, said: “The successful launch of the CMMB demodulator chip is not only a superior product to us, but also validates the cooperation model of development and supply of a domestically-made chip. We expect to further promote the mobile multimedia broadcasting industry in China in terms of Infineon’s wide IP platform support and powerful design capability under this continuous innovated business model.”

Zhang Rujing, President and CEO of SMIC, said:”Congratulations to Telepath and Infineon on making such a breakthrough. We are glad to make such a successful cooperation with Telepath to support this strategic Chinese standard, with the process technology support from Infineon, the world leading semiconductor manufacturer. We believe this successful project will occupy a significant market share in the Chinese mobile multimedia broadcasting and mobile TV market. We are committed to continuously play an important role in this cooperation through our professional manufacturing support.”

Telepath expects to begin the mass production before Jan, 2008.