iWedia DVB stack certified on a Netflix Hailstorm STB platform

Monday, February 1st, 2021
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iWedia DVB stack gets certified by Netflix on a Hailstorm Hybrid operator STB

  • Netflix launched a scaling partnership program called “Hailstorm”, with aim to reduce Time To Market and engineering effort for Netflix certification on Hybrid STBs based on Android TV
  • iWedia is one of the industry’s first independent software companies to have its Broadcast Stack certified on a Hailstorm Hybrid operator STB

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — iWedia, a leading provider of software components and solutions for TV devices today revealed that its broadcast stack has been certified on a Hybrid Hailstorm operator STB.

Hailstorm is a Netflix device scaling program based on Android TV, that aims for faster time to market and lower engineering efforts.

The Hailstorm Hybrid program objective is to accelerate Operator’ pre-integration work on an Android TV Hybrid set-top box (STB) and to achieve a shorter time to market deployment while ensuring all Netflix performance/quality metrics are met.

By leveraging existing Android framework to its full potential and integrating with TV Input Framework (TIF), iWedia’s DVB stack features amongst the best and was granted certification as part of the Hybrid Hailstorm STB.

Involved as System Integrator in Hailstorm program from its start, iWedia took great care of ensuring that the Broadcast playback does not affect Netflix UX and that all transitions and resources allocation/release are done properly. They claim quality and performance was at the heart of their development.

Part of their System Integration service, iWedia has built strong domain expertise in Netflix service integration and certification processes and has played a significant role in deploying the service on many operator devices worldwide.

“We are thrilled to have our DVB stack certified on a Hailstorm Hybrid operator STB – and to be one of the first in the industry of doing so”, said Krsto Lazic, iWedia’s Product Director. “Incorporating its quality and performance to more efficient STB projects is the best way to serve our customers” he added.