CTS Ad Management Platform integrated with Innovid

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021
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Comcast Technology Solutions Unveils New Integration For Centralized Advertising Campaign Management Across Digital And Linear TV Audiences

  • New integration between Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) and Innovid delivers a unified workflow, quality control, performance analysis, and omnichannel optimization of video ads

DENVER — Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), a division of Comcast Cable that provides media and entertainment technology to advertisers, agencies and content providers, today announced a new strategic relationship with Innovid, the only independent omnichannel advertising and analytics platform built for television. This integration with the CTS Ad Management Platform empowers advertisers with a unified and automated workflow, creative asset management, performance analytics, and optimization across screens and channels for both linear TV and online video (OLV).

“To maximize return on investment, advertisers deserve a more unified means to deliver, measure, and optimize their ad performance across any platform of relevance,” said Richard Nunn, Vice President and General Manager of Advertiser Solutions at Comcast Technology Solutions. “Our new integration with Innovid does that at scale by bridging the historical gap between linear TV and digital advertising. We provide a centralized ad management platform that simplifies media activation, creative asset and rights management, and delivery. Together with Innovid, we can provide an enhanced omnichannel advertising and analytics solution with a data feedback loop designed to improve insights and efficacy across screens.”

“The modern TV experience is fragmented, and increasingly challenging for advertisers seeking to deliver seamless experiences across linear and CTV,” Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder of Innovid. “Our new strategic relationship with Comcast Technology Solutions eliminates friction in the ad creative management process by enabling omnichannel assets to flow directly into Innovid’s CTV ecosystem via the Innovid Bridge API integration. Brands using the integration benefit from the proactive certification, automated spec compliance, and video encoding offering in Innovid’s platform to ensure ads are served at the highest possible quality across publishers and devices – including 4K CTV.”