Vestel launches Football Corner app for Smart TVs

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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Vestel Launches Football Corner App for Smart TVs across Europe

  • Vestel has launched Football Corner, a football navigator app for Smart TVs
  • Available now in fifty-five countries, Football Corner has been rolled out to all Vestel-manufactured Smart TVs, including those designed for brands, such as Hitachi, JVC, Techwood and Telefunken

Multi-brand TV manufacturer, Vestel, has announced the launch of a new app that is set to immerse football fans across Europe in every big match, and major tournament. Designed in collaboration with agency and app creator, TeraVolt, the Football Corner app is available now on all Vestel-manufactured Smart TVs, including those made for brands, such as Hitachi, JVC, Techwood and Telefunken. An ultra-convenient and interactive football viewing companion, the app offers a football-filtered electronic programme guide for up to seven days ahead, as well as real-time updates, insights, and statistics for matches, and tournaments in six languages.

Making it easy to keep up with every competition, Football Corner[1] provides match schedules and the latest data for all the must-see international events in the football calendar, from European to world championships.

The app’s TV split screen feature lets you follow all the live sporting action, at the same time as browse and pull up the latest match, team, and tournament information. Keeping every football match centre stage in the middle of your screen, it frames the on-screen action with several navigation options.

Football Electronic Programme Guide

The first of these is the electronic programme guide (EPG), a dedicated football schedule guide, that enables you to plan your viewing up to seven days ahead. At a glance, you will be able to see match schedules from multi-channel broadcast listings, and thanks to the integrated channel tune function, select and view current matches with one click of the remote. Even if the selected broadcast is unavailable, you will still be able to access the statistics for the match and tournament.

Match Statistics

Delivering football pundit-worthy insights, the Match Statistics option offers the latest scores and match updates, as well as statistics to give you a breakdown of how your team is performing. Giving you all that you need to make informed match predictions, this feature delivers real-time statistics about ball possession, pass quotas, duels, and team dominance, as well as shots in goal and goal probabilities.

Rankings, Line-up, and Top Lists

Listing all the tables and standings, the Rankings option gets you game-ready, with the latest, most up-to-date information about which teams your side will have to encounter and beat. With the Line-up option, you can get to know your own team better, as well as find out more about who they are playing. Whether it is for familiar, big name clubs, or little-known teams, Football Corner offers an in-depth analysis. As well as listing who will be in the starting line-up and who will sit on the substitutes’ bench, the app brings you tactical and match information about the teams. This includes who has been issued yellow or red cards. The Top Lists highlight the players to watch out for, revealing the top ten scorers for each tournament.

“Catching all the matches for must-see competitions can often prove difficult, but with this app, football fans won’t have to worry about missing a second of the live sporting action,” said Barış Altınkaya, Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management, Vestel. “The interactive match guide makes it easy to keep track of all the games, while the real-time information and statistics contribute to, and immerse you in the tournament experience. With our latest 43”, 48”, 50”, 55”, 65” and 75” large screen frameless TVs, everyone at home will also be able to watch all the latest football analysis breakdown on the big screen.”

“I am very proud that Vestel was so taken with our product. Now we have the chance to offer soccer fans all over Europe an all-round gaming experience with our app,” said Tobias Künkel, Managing Partner at TeraVolt, who is leading the project.

Tobias Fröhlich, Co-Founder and Managing Director at TeraVolt, added, “The concept of the second screen is outdated. We firmly believe that all the information and details viewers might want should always be available on the first screen. And the Smart TVs of Vestel are ideally suited to meet these requirements and make the second screen obsolete.”

Vestel-manufactured TV ranges

Vestel’s vast ranges of 4K HDR TVs offer everything you need to enjoy a larger-than-life viewing experience. With features, such as Dolby Vision HDR, Quantum Dot Colour, and Sports mode, as well as Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual: X, they take you straight to the heart of the sporting action. Immersing you in every football match, they deliver lifelike colour and image detail, judder-free on-screen motion, and all-encompassing surround sound.

1. The Football Corner app is available for all Vestel-manufactured TVs produced from June 2018.