Divitel adds Ledger Leopard blockchain identity verification

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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Divitel to bring Blockchain and Self Sovereign Identity technology to the world of video distribution

AMSTERDAM and APELDOORN — Divitel, an innovative independent expert in the field of digital video distribution, joined forces with Ledger Leopard, a leading blockchain enterprise solutions provider, to implement block chain technology to the Divitel’s managed video distribution operational processes.

The project will be fully operational and ready to market by end of 2022 offering increased flexibility, control, ease of use and speed when managing the access of video distribution ecosystem data, independent of which technology is used. Divitel video carrier customers will be offered the option to include this blockchain module on top of their ecosystems. In addition, video carriers who outsource their daily video distribution operations to Divitel, will also be able to opt for this new module to be deployed.

Hans Kornmann, CEO and Founder Divitel: “This project is part of our ongoing innovation efforts as we strive to apply the newest technology like machine learning and others, in order to offer our customers a way to remain one step ahead of their competitors, reduce operational costs and increase operational margin.”

Denkhan Samilgil, Product Leader at Divitel, explains: “Leveraging Ledger Leopard’s expertise and solutions around Self Sovereign Identities (SSI), in combination with the immutability of blockchain registers, represent an excellent fit to our data driven video distribution approach, assuring transparency while supporting the operational needs of our customers.”

Olivier Rikken, CEO of Ledger Leopard commented: “It is extremely exciting for us to witness every day a new use-case and implementation area for blockchain. With Divitel, we will be able to venture our solutions into yet another domain, the video delivery industry.”

The project is backed by the province of Gelderland through the MIT R&D collaboration program.