E-Vision launches TV audience measurement initiative

Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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E-Vision’s Newly Launched TAM Service puts the UAE at the forefront of MENA TV Audience Measurement

  • Broadcasters and industry professionals will be able to analyse and respond to viewership data of over 3.5 million UAE TV viewers via independently accredited TAM system

E-Vision today announced a new initiative identifying the audience’s selections, trends, and desires from eLife, the region’s largest and most successful IPTV service that is set to put the UAE at the forefront of TV audience measurement in the MENA region.

Television Audience Measurement (TAM) system identifies the number of views and the interests of TV viewers, so that TV stations can develop their programs to match the desires of their audience and to air them at the most appropriate timings.

For many years, the MENA TV industry has had to rely on telephone surveys for audience information, whilst broadcasters around the world have had access to people metering (direct recording of TV viewing) to measure and understand audience nature. This is about to change with E-Vision’s initiative.

The TAM system is accredited by an independent audit agency following rigorous testing and verification. Broadcasters, agencies, advertisers, consultants and industry experts will be able to subscribe to the data and log in to access a wide range of reporting tools.

“We are proud to be leading the way in the MENA region by offering exceptionally powerful audience analytics tools to industry professionals,” remarked Olivier Bramly, CEO of E-Vision. “By giving broadcasters insights about the interests and desires of our viewers, we are providing them with the tools they need to make their channels more relevant and attractive towards their viewers and more efficient towards agencies and advertisers.”

The TAM system will measure audience reach, ratings, share and viewing time for over 530 channels, and will cover both live and catch-up viewing across all viewers. Subscribers to the TAM system will be able to monitor viewing of any period, ranging from same day to previous years and have access to a variety of configurable reports within the TAM system, offering them a fully detailed analysis and reports with channel-related filters.

Broadcasters and other industry professionals now have access to detailed performance reporting for both TV channels and individual TV shows in TAM. Further functionalities measuring the performance of TV advertising will be released later this year.

E-Vision has partnered exclusively with ChannelSculptor to manage the distribution and client support of the TAM system. ChannelSculptor was selected for its position as a leading industry consultancy, its exceptional reach amongst broadcasters in the MENA TV industry and its leading position in audience analytics, serving major regional and international TV networks.

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