NexPlayer joins AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021
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NexPlayer Joins AWS for Media & Entertainment Initiative

MADRID — NexStreaming, the leading player SDK for premium video apps, announced today the support for the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS). NexPlayer is compatible with AWS outputs across devices including Android, iOS, HTML5, Tizen, WebOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

NexStreaming has created a NexPlayer MultiView solution where end users can synchronize live video streams on the same screen or with other users. This enables new, exciting use cases for industries such as sports and gaming. The solution also provides broadcasters and content owners consistent functionality in their apps across their devices.

NexStreaming has been working with AWS to fine-tune this end-to-end solution, ensuring premium video streaming sessions across many different device types and varying network conditions. The result is a market-proven solution, ideal for service providers looking for a quick time to market and requiring a high support level to secure optimal service quality.

NexPlayer MultiView allows OTT premium providers to broadcast up to five simultaneous live streams with frame-accurate video synchronization. It is available for Android, iOS & HTML5 and includes Widevine DRM protection. The technology is designed for broadcasting live sporting events like the upcoming Olympics, concerts, or news. MultiView comes with the same features as the regular NexPlayerSDK, including HLS & DASH, advanced ad insertion with EMSG and ID3 signalizations, and closed captioning support.

“We are always committed to the development of some of the most challenging new technologies, and we do it with leading technology companies around the world. MultiView and AWS are a perfect example of that, and I am very proud of the results achieved by our teams,” says Carlos Lucas, CEO of NexStreaming.

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