CRRT selects TeamCast exciters for DVB-T2 upgrade in Uzbekistan

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 

CRRT selects TeamCast Twister to upgrade its Digital Terrestrial TV Network in Uzbekistan

RENNES, France — ENENSYS Technologies, leading provider of efficient media delivery solutions, is pleased to announce a new success for its DVB-T2 transmitter upgrade solutions based on TeamCast Twister II: the most powerful, high efficiency and versatile exciter on the market.

CRRT, the National DTTV operator in Uzbekistan for DVB-T/T2, wants to launch new DVB-T2 services in several regions. Looking for a quick and cost-effective solution, they have decided to re-use their old Analog Transmitters and selects TeamCast Twister II to upgrade them with DVB-T2 standards. CRRT has already successfully upgraded its high-power TV station in Tashkent tower with TeamCast Twister II and thus provide an excellent DVB-T2 radio distribution to the region.

The process has been supervised and homologated by UNICON – The Scientific Research Center in charge of Uzbekistan regulatory framework of the communications sector who is going to formalize and certify the analog TV transmitters upgrade based on TeamCast Twister II from a technical and legal point of view.

“We were looking for a straightforward solution to re-use our existing analog broadcast infrastructure in order to reduce cost and move forward quickly. TeamCast Twister II appears to be the right and natural solution to do so” says Turgunov Makhmud, Chief Technical Officer of CRRT. “Furthermore, the obtained performances are excellent, as it was a new brand transmitter, that’s definitely the solution we were looking for!”

“TeamCast Twister II is matching Uzbekistan requirements of our regulations and prerequisites, the design is safe, secure and robust. It provides excellent performances fully compliant to broadcast radio spectrum” admits Azimov Ulugbek Deputy CEO of UNICON. “The process has been formalized and now, it can be deployed everywhere in Uzbekistan without any issue.”

“We are very pleased to be selected by CRRT and UNICON for the modernization of their TV transmission sites and this launch of new DVB-T2 services based on former analog TV transmitters” says Christophe Trolet, from ENENSYS-TeamCast. “This is the recognition of our exciter’s quality and performances that matches the needs of broadcast operators.”