Xandr unifies audiences across CTV and linear addressable

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021 
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Xandr Introduces First of Its Kind Forecasting and Analysis Across CTV and Linear Addressable

  • Yield Analytics’ converged inventory analysis offers forecasting, planning, and optimization tools to support converged selling at scale

NEW YORK — Xandr today announced the launch of a first of its kind technology that is aimed to help the largest TV distributors better manage and sell addressable inventory holistically. Building on Xandr’s leading forecasting capabilities, Yield Analytics’ converged inventory analysis unifies audiences and ad systems across linear addressable and OTT so sellers can maximize total yield and enable buyers to reach the audiences they care about at scale.

As consumers continue to move away from traditional TV and toward streaming, MVPDs have created their own streaming channels to offset viewership declines. The resulting fragmented programming and divide in business models have created a need for a consolidated advertising and analytics system to manage distributors’ digital and linear addressable businesses, enabling the identification of a single audience across channels.

Bolstered by an end-to-end platform, converged inventory analysis for TV distributors has a unified definition of audiences so buyers can achieve scaled, deduplicated and accurate reach and frequency across both linear addressable and OTT.

“Xandr’s Yield Analytics is the established market leader in digital advanced forecasting analytics and yield optimization tools. Converged inventory analysis combines this digital expertise with Xandr’s roots in TV to bring advanced analytics to the addressable market, converging addressable and digital inventory types to enable holistic inventory management for a distributor. This represents another step in our commitment to building converged video solutions for sellers and buyers, which is a top priority for Xandr in helping our partners successfully navigate an increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape,” said Aaron Martin, Director, Product Management, Forecasting & Inventory Management, Xandr.

“As viewing habits expand across screens, WarnerMedia is focused on providing advertisers with the accurate, deduplicated reach they need to meet campaign goals, and Xandr’s technology platform plays an important role in executing our strategy,” said Amy Leifer, Lead of Pricing, Planning & Operations for WarnerMedia.

Consistent and precise audience definition

For the first time, sellers can precisely extend valuable audiences across linear addressable and OTT through a unified audience definition. Converged inventory analysis brings a new way to define audiences that provides deduplicated and actual household counts across linear addressable and OTT, bringing incremental reach and frequency to addressable buys. Unique audiences are now available within Yield Analytics’ audience availability and capacity tool, providing a converged view of sellers’ total addressable market.

Unified, data-driven insights and analytics

Building for a converged future, Xandr is empowering unified, data-driven insights and analysis for sellers to manage today’s combined yield and maximize addressable revenue. By directly integrating linear addressable and digital ad systems with Yield Analytics, sellers can manage converged inventory with accuracy and speed. An integrated UI and custom reporting provide advanced insights that empower informed yield decisions across linear addressable and OTT.

Yield Analytics is the market leader in accurate, advanced forecasting. Sellers of digital inventory have long benefited from its differentiated data and analysis sourced through log-level historical data and a suite of innovative tools such as audience availability, seasonal modeling, and scenario planning. Today, Xandr is uniquely focused on building advanced converged analytic tools that allow distributors to better analyze, forecast, plan, and optimize on converged addressable inventory so that they can confidently meet buyer KPIs and deliver converged campaigns in full.