Undertone launches CTV ad solution for improved consumer engagement

Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 
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Undertone Launches its High Impact CTV Suite; Innovative Technology Solution Proven to Create Dramatically Improved Consumer Engagement

  • New product suite dramatically expands Undertone’s comprehensive multiscreen solution, enabling advertisers to reach new levels of interaction and intimacy that facilitate deeper brand/consumer connections

NEW YORK — Undertone, the leader in data-driven, intelligent high impact campaigns, today announced the launch of its latest initiative, the High Impact CTV Suite. Heralding a new level of innovation and maturity for CTV, the innovative technology was developed by Perion’s industry-leading R&D team. It serves as a catalyst for new levels of engaged and memorable connections between brands and consumers across all screens – a critical, yet challenging task in today’s crowded video ad space that spans TV, desktop, mobile, and other connected devices.

Undertone’s High Impact CTV Suite complements the company’s existing video and display offerings, enabling a comprehensive multiscreen solution that is required for advertisers amidst a fragmented video landscape. The new product suite is driven by technology that extends the capabilities of conventional CTV by making high-impact advertising a more central part of the media consumption experience.

The technology-powered solution includes key Undertone offerings: Live CTV, Branded CTV, and Interactive CTV. Undertone’s Live CTV integrates ads alongside the content, rather than running them during ignorable ad breaks, allowing brands’ key messages to have the stature that derives from appearing alongside live broadcasts of sports, Esports or music content.

The technology behind Undertone’s Interactive CTV allows viewers to directly interact with video ads, using their remote controls to explore brand content and bring up expanded canvases with additional videos. Further, the ads can include QR codes for viewers to engage with on their mobile devices. Finally, Undertone’s Branded CTV grabs viewers’ attention with custom, eye-catching graphics and animations – for example, a car that appears to be driving across the screen.

“Undertone recognizes the challenges brought on by the current disjointed video ad space, and has invested time and resources to develop a full, all-encompassing multiscreen solution, which now proudly includes CTV,” said Dan Aks, president at Undertone. “Our High Impact CTV Suite is integrated end-to-end, which means it amplifies personalization and interactivity. Brands are truly excited by their ability to now have consumers engage with them in new ways, whether it’s with their remotes, through QR codes, or via content integration. With this product suite, we’re truly putting brands directly into the hands of their consumers.”

Undertone’s award-winning in-house creative division custom designs each creative experience so that it is entirely unique and, most importantly, memorable.

“We make significant investments in sports on linear TV, but were looking for something new and exciting, and this was definitely it,” said Olivia Sutherland, Senior TV Growth Marketing Associate, at DraftKings. “With Undertone’s Live CTV, our ads are integrated into the game broadcast, making them nearly unmissable! We loved that we could feature our CTV spots, coupled with the addition of custom backgrounds that showcase our logo and key messaging. It was a no-brainer.”

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