Channel 4 to share streaming content performance data with producers

Thursday, August 19th, 2021 
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Channel 4 first broadcaster to share streaming content performance data with producers

Channel 4 today announced it has launched the Producers Performance Report which gives individual producers valuable data on how their new programmes have performed on All 4 and the broadcaster’s linear channels. The tailored report also shares benchmarking information that is intended to provide key insight for producers wanting to enhance programmes streamed on All 4.

Commissioned by Emma Hardy, Director of Commissioning Operations, the report follows calls from producers for more information on what helps content perform better on demand.

Each month, Rebecca Thompson, Head of Indie Relations, will send producing indies a report which discloses consolidated volume of viewing, percentage share of audience of the original transmission on Channel 4’s linear channels, the number of streams on All 4 [0-7 days], and performance against Channel 4 benchmarks.

Emma Hardy said: “Indies have told us they want to better understand what makes great content for streaming as viewers increasingly watch shows on demand. Sharing this valuable insight with our suppliers not only strengthens their business but also improves programmes for viewers.

“This new initiative to support the industry is part of a range of commitments we set out this year to make Channel 4 the best creative partner for indies, which is a major priority for us as the biggest commissioner of independently produced content. We’ve been so encouraged by our latest indie survey results which have already shown improvements in producers’ experiences with us – and we want to ensure this continues.”

The report launches this summer.

Earlier this year Channel 4 appointed Rebecca Thompson to the newly created Head of Indie Relations role, based in Glasgow, to help to develop and maintain the broadcaster’s relationships with indies, support the drive to commission more from the Nations and Regions and manage the Emerging Indie Fund.

Further commitments made to indies this year include evaluations of how Channel 4 deals with indies, including its commissioning process, with a view to speeding up decision making and improving communication with producers.


  • The Producers Performance Report includes the consolidated volume [000s], share [%] of the original transmission as well as the number of streams on All 4 [0-7 days]. While consolidated performance and share data is currently publicly available – releasing All 4 performance data to producers is new and the data is not currently publicly available
  • Linear Performance gives both the overnight and consolidated average audiences, and the overall consolidated linear share
  • Consolidated viewing is overnight viewing + TV catch-up viewing within 7 days of TX
  • Linear performance is benchmarked against Channel 4’s slot benchmarks for both all viewers, and viewers aged 16-34
  • All 4 Performance gives the number of All 4 streams within 7 days of TX on Channel 4’s own platforms. Where applicable, All 4 figures also include box-setted ‘Pre-TX’ streams for an episode
  • Linear average audience and All 4 streams are different units and cannot be added together
  • Results of Channel 4’s latest annual Indie Survey of nearly 200 indies (hosted by YouGov in March) – first introduced to identify potential issues faced by indies – has revealed significant improvements in their experiences of dealing with Channel 4
  • The survey showed that indies generally found it better to deal with Channel 4 than when they were last surveyed in late 2019 – but it also identified three key areas where more work is needed: more streamlined communications; more clarity on creative vision; and speed of response
  • The survey attracted responses from 190 companies compared to 140 in 2019

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