Redge Technologies integrates CryptoGuard Multi-DRM

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 
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Redge Technologies integrates CryptoGuard Multi-DRM solution for video service providers

  • Redge Media, the complete technology platform for building Internet TV, has been integrated with CryptoGuard Multi-DRM solution

Redge Media, the complete technology platform for building Internet TV, has been integrated with CryptoGuard Multi-DRM solution. The latter will provide encryption keys for Redge Media Origin and decryption keys for Content Decryption Modules integrated with Redge Media based end-user applications. The actual implementation projects combining the two solutions will benefit from shortened time to market, reduced costs of integration and low risk.

CryptoGuard’s Multi-DRM Solution offers any size OTT operator to cost-effectively secure content. The solution supports DRM formats of Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay and Microsoft PlayReady enabling highly secure content delivery to any consumer device. These DRMs are approved by major studios. On the CAS side the CryptoGuard security solutions have been audited by Farncombe (Cartesian) and utilize advanced security for both Card-less and Card-based solutions to avoid device cloning, control word sharing or any other piracy threats. CryptoGuard always uses state-of-the-art EAL5+ certified smartcard chips.

Redge Media Origin provides on-the-fly content encryption and high output nodes. Its distributed edge architecture results in unlimited scalability, smoothly adapting to traffic demand. Redge Media SDP – proxying end user applications – serves as DRM gateway enforcing business policies for particular users. Along with Redge Media Coder, CDN and Player video service providers can benefit from the pre-integrated, yet modular, complete technology platform for Internet TV.

“Having a strong partnership with CryptoGuard will enable us to reach even more service providers, who might have had issues with safely securing copyrights for their digital media. With the changing business environment as of last year, it is now more important than ever to secure content due to premium content proliferating the online distribution. Redge Media is a complete solution that applies ease of end-user access, high level of security, and now with CryptoGuard, a modern Multi-DRM platform with an attractive business model” – states Tomasz Paldyna, sales director at Redge Technologies.

“We are pleased to partner with Redge Technologies and provide CryptoGuard’s Multi-DRM solution for their Redge Media OTT Platform. The Multi-DRM enables simple management and control of a wide range of devices and a secure delivery of premium content. The solution can be extended with CryptoGuard CAS for delivery of both linear and non-linear IPTV services on any screen in hybrid network environments. Both CryptoGuard Multi-DRM and CAS have completed Cartisian’s Farncombe Security Audit® and will provide Redge Media a cost-effective and feature-rich solution while maintaining top-level security” – states Krzysztof Wieczorek, Sales Director CEE & CIS at CryptoGuard.

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