Wiztivi develops UI for Sagemcom Video Soundbox STB

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 
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Wiztivi creates a new personalised Video Soundbox™ experience

PARIS, France — By creating the user interface of Sagemcom’s brand-new Video Soundbox™, Wiztivi brings together the best of video, audio and voice control, and opens up new possibilities for a significant level of customisation.

The user experience has never been so complete within a set-top box. The new Video Soundbox combines the latest technologies in video, audio and voice control: thousands of contents are available in HDR, Video Soundbox is the world’s first Dolby Atmos certified set-top box, with an audio solution by Bang & Olufsen, and built-in Amazon Alexa allows to control the varied services with voice command.

Wiztivi - Sagemcom Video Soundbox

With the Video Soundbox, the end user is at the heart of the experience with customised operators’ services such as recommendation, and with personal end user services including Spotify or Amazon Music. This is an extra value offer for the user since it is possible for the operator, for the first time ever, to provide highly customised services within its brand universe.

Managing the interactions between all the services and cutting-edge technologies was the biggest challenge for Wiztivi. Every single experience (video, audio & voice control) has its unique features, and it is a remarkable achievement to combine them in an absolutely smooth way in a user interface, allowing to make the most out of each one of them.

For the end user, the resulting user interface provides a unified and simplified experience, aggregating each service in a smart way while hiding its complexities. More than just adding to each other, the different services complement each other and they combine perfectly to offer an enhanced user experience.

The customer journey is optimised thanks to a resolutely modern design, increasing both the time spent in the operator’s universe and the average revenue per user. The use of voice command benefits from on-screen feedback, and any home devices connected to it can be controlled by voice.

“Certain innovations allow incredible progress in their field, and the Video Soundbox is definitely a step forward. Up to now, it has been impossible to bring such a degree of customisation, and to keep a simple and unified user experience while maintaining the operator’s brand universe. We proud ourselves on having brought this project to life and to see how successful it is for those of our customers who have already marketed it”, said Ari Bensimon, CEO at Wiztivi.

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