Irdeto multi-DRM issues record-breaking number of new licenses

Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 
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Irdeto’s award-winning multi-DRM solution issues record-breaking amount of new licenses

  • Irdeto’s Control solution gives customers the confidence to scale and grow their business; more than 3.4 billion DRM licenses issued in October

AMSTERDAM — Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform security, is pleased to announce the continuous strong growth of DRM licenses issued, with an incredible increase of 162% licenses issued in the last 15 months. The number of licenses has grown from 1.3 billion in June 2020 to an astonishing peak of 3.4 billion issued licenses in October 2021.

The continued growth in licenses comes at a time when OTT services have become mainstream, and consumers expect the same reliability of their OTT service as that offered by a cable or satellite/DTH pay-TV provider. This is particularly critical during high profile events such as the European Football Championships, the Summer Olympics, Copa America, and day-and-date movie releases.

The continued growth has been observed throughout the summer and beginning of the fall and can be attributed to ongoing support of our existing customers in their global expansion and multi-brand bundling strategies. A number of new customers have also deployed Irdeto Control as they sought a more scalable and reliable platform to support their ambitious growth plans. High availability and scalability with industry-leading SLAs (up to 99.999%) and auto-scaling to handle traffic outburst allows operators to easily cope with demand, even during high profile live events, ensuring the customer experience never drops. Moreover, the platform downscales automatically to keep costs to a minimum.

During the summer, the high-profile sports events drove the number of licenses up and the growth trend has continued and reached its peak in October, attributed to ongoing clients’ expansion.

Irdeto Control is a high-performing and scalable multi-DRM solution at the center of OTT content delivery activities. It is a MovieLabs-compliant solution that is offered either as a fully managed service or hosted in public clouds. Generating keys for content encryption, administering content usage rules, and issuing playback licenses is done simply and reliably. Business reports, proactive monitoring, and operational supervision provide visibility and help to ensure smooth operation.

Winner of the 2021 European Reader’s Choice award for Best Content Protection, Irdeto Control gives service operators the confidence to scale their business, grow their revenues, and enjoy peace of mind even during high peak events.

“Our company has built and maintained strong relationships with more than 20 leading OTT streaming services. The growth in licenses issued is a testament of the trust our customers give us to protect their content and ensure their subscribers have a great customer experience,” said Shane McCarthy, COO of Video Entertainment at Irdeto.

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