TheViewPoint starts full ad stack partnership with Zone·tv

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 
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TheViewPoint Starts A Full Ad Stack Partnership with Zone·tv

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetization platform for CTV/OTT publishers, has partnered with Zone·tv, a pioneer of personalized pay TV channels powered by AI, to provide it with refined ad management and optimization solutions.

Zone·tv is at the forefront of the transition that is taking place in media and TV today. By combining artificial intelligence with a unique approach to the curation and programming of channels, Zone·tv delivers 14 dynamic self-learning TV channels that are personalized based on what a viewer watches. 12 of the channels are segmented by age group and by genre to super-serve aficionados of programming about food, gaming, specialty sports, outdoor adventure, kids, entertainment and much more. Zone·tv currently offers 8,000 hours of content and over 70,000 titles.

“Our platform is the perfect vehicle to monetize content through ad revenue programs. We are able to amplify brands by extending rich user experiences and viewership based on personalized audience engagement and we are excited to join forces with TheViewPoint to make this happen,” said Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone·tv.

TheViewPoint’s CTV-first monetization solutions, TVP Next and TVP Connect, offer a fixed fee pricing model, cut out middlemen between publishers and advertisers, and provide pinpoint audience segmentation coupled with an advanced reporting system for the automated monetization of ad inventory.

Within the scope of this partnership, Zone·tv will receive access to TVP Next, the CTV-first ad server, and TVP Connect, TheViewPoint’s programmatic solution that eliminates intermediaries from the supply chain. As a result, Zone·tv will efficiently curate ad placements on its channels, create effective programmatic deals and make better decisions in terms of which ads bring the best monetization results.

“Collaboration with Zone·tv is an exciting opportunity to make our contribution to the growth of AI-powered products, advancing the era of hyper-personalized entertainment for every viewer. We are very pleased to help Zone·tv connect with the most suitable CTV programmatic buyers and maximize their earnings based on our detailed real-time analytics,” said Keren Pass, Head of Business Development International at TheViewPoint.

Links: TheViewPoint; Zone·tv